June Giveaways For iFanboy Members – Iron Man 2 and Dynamo5!

What better way to celebrate the warm embrace of summer than another batch of iFanboy Member Giveaways!  As always, the blessed, loyal members of the iFanbase will be eligible to win one of the of the amazing giveaways we have lined up for you in June.  If you're not a member, there's still time!  Just go to the iFanboy Store and sign up for a membership today!

Here's what we've got lined up for you in June:


Limited Edition Iron Man 2 Fandango Gift Cards worth $25 each!

We will be selecting 4 lucky winners from the iFanbase to win a Limited Edition Fandango gift card worth $25!  How better than to show off your love of comic books than to use your Iron Man 2 gift card to pay for your movie tickets? Plus for $25 you can hit the movie of your choice and bring that someone special! Score!  

if you don't want to leave it to chance, you can order your own Limited Edition Iron Man Gift Card (that can be personalized too!) at Fandango.  These gift cards can be used at any theater available for ticketing on Fandango.  

2 winners will be announced on the June 6th and June 13th episodes of the iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast

Don't forget, if you're going to go to the movie, go with Fandango!





Amazing Dynamo5 Giveaway

In case you haven't heard, one of our favorite comic books, Dynamo5 is coming back from hiatus on June 23rd with a new #1 issue.  To celebrate it's return, we're going to be giving away SIGNED copies of all 4 Dynamo5 trade paperbacks, signed by writer Jay Faerber, as well as a SIGNED copy of the new issue, Dynamo5 #1, also signed by Jay Faerber.   We've got two sets of these books to give away, so 2 lucky members of the iFanbase will win.

The winner will be announced on the June 21st episode of iFanboy: Don't Miss, where we'll be talking with Jay Faerber about Dynamo5 #1 and the new series.  

Don't miss out on your chance to catch up on this great super-hero series and get some cool additions to your collection while you're at it!





  1. DYNAMO 5!!!!!! Oh I hope I hope I hope.

    I also hope I DON’T win the Fandango stuff since I’m in Canada and can’t use it 🙂

    Love the giveaways, keep ’em coming

  2. Hmm, I can do without movie giftcards and already have all the Dynamo 5 issues. Still, hope whoever gets this stuff will enjoy it!

  3. Dynamo 5! Yaaaaay!

  4. I’m a member. My birthday’s in June.

    Just sayin’.

  5. I’m a member and I’m dying to go see Iron Man 2 again.

    And I’m just sayin’

  6. Those are some great prizes, good luck to all the members.

  7. wow that dynamo 5 set is awesome!

  8. that Dynamo 5 set is choice!

  9. I would be beyond pleased with either of those prizes. Maybe slightly more with the Dynamo5 set……Or the Fandango card……. 

  10. Wow, that Dynamo 5 set has my name written all over it (actually, Jay Faerber’s name).  My fingers are crossed.

  11. That Dynamo 5 set would be very, very awesome.  I love, love, love that series. 

    Also, gift cards are awesome for the summer movie bonanza that approaches us.  

  12. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Only heard good things about DYNAMO 5. I’d love to check that out.

    But free movie passes would also be acceptable. Either one is fine with me. 😉 

  13. I picked up the first trade of Dynamo at SDCC last year and it was great, I really hope i win them as i haven’t won anything yet.

  14. I still haven’t seen Iron man 2, even though i loved the first one and iron Man has been my favorite comic character for the last 25 years. I can’t afford to go to the movies. Damn adult responsibilities!

  15. Hot diggity!

  16. I have all of the Dynamo 5 trades and am sure that whoever gets them will have a blast reading them. Great stuff.

  17. Pretty cool!

  18. excited!!!

  19. I too am excited. Now I need some alone time.

  20. I’d love to win that Dynamo 5 Tradepaperbacks, as i’m not from USA, the fandango card would be really useless.

  21. Looking at those trades and thinking….hmmmm….what else do I have to go through to win this other than already being a member….suggestions guys?

  22. That Dynamo 5 set would be really awesome. I read through the first volume, but as I am currently out of work, was never able to continue on to the other ones. It was a real shame.

  23. am I still a member if my $100 was taken over 3 months ago, but I haven’t received a "welcome kit"? I’d really like to be eligible for these giveaways!

  24. @lawnbuddha: Yes.

  25. I’ve moved since becoming a member, is there some place I need to change my address?

  26. @cubsmodano: Send an email to contact@ifanboy.com

  27. Even though I just bought all the trades for dynamo 5, I still want that price.. =)

  28. as for the fandango tickets. i’ll use it to watch sex and the city 2. lol.. j/k

  29. Great prizes! I’ll be crossing my fingers. Can’t decide what I’d want more.

  30. yay i hope i win though my brain told me i wont. dynamo 5 sweet.

  31. any chance of getting an iFanboy episode about Dynamo 5?