Jughead Is In For An Overhaul, Archie Comics Says

Apparently, Archie’s pal Jughead is going on a vacation.

That’s the news that our friends at CBR’s Robot 6 found out after noticing that the character’s long-running series was pulled from Archie Comics’ subscription options.The publisher’s newly induced Director of Publicity and Marketing, Adam Tracey, told CBR reporter Johanna Draper Carlson that they’ve book the book on hiatus “while we’re putting together exactly how to” reinvent the title and character. Tracey goes on to point out that they’re successfully re-invented the other series in the Archie family of titles in the past three years, and that readers will “definitely be seeing more of [Jughead] in the future.”

Jughead has had a new comic on the shelves nearly every month since his first series launched in 1949.┬áThe burger-loving boy is one of Archie’s most popular characters, second only to Archie himself and (in this readers’ mind) tied with Betty and Veronica.

It’ll be interesting to see how the publisher re-invents this iconic American institution (and who does the re-inventing), but I’d place money on that crown hat getting left in his closet.


  1. Let’s hope this is why Brubaker is leaving Marvel for the time being.

  2. Tell me there not going they way of “reinventing” that they did with Cookie Monster where he only eats veggies cause Americas obesity problems.

  3. The crown is DOOMED.

  4. Jughead without his crown would be like Linus without his blanket. The crown better stay!

  5. NOOOOOOO!!!!!

  6. My son is a big Jughead fan. I’m anxious to see how he takes this news.

  7. From what I’m seeing at Archie, I don’t get the impression that they’re overhauling the character, I get the impression that they’re overhauling their publishing line. Jughead is still appearing in most of Archie’s titles, but his solo title is the lowest selling book that Archie publishes. Reggie just got his own digital exclusive solo book, that may be where Jughead is going.

  8. They should rename it “Jughead NOW”. It’s guarantee to sell !!!