Juggernaut from ‘X-Men 3’: Up Close

Upcoming merchandise from this summer’s X-Men 3 movie: Sideshow Collectibles gives us a sneak peak of Juggernaut.

Who thinks the costume designer played with He-Man toys when he/she grew up and he/she subconsciously just put Ram-Man in this movie?

Click through to see a comparison!

Talk about Uncanny:



  1. Ram-Man!

    I still have him in a box somewhere.

    That’s eerie.

  2. And don’t forget Naked Beast!


    And by naked, I mean it – he’s got it all hangin’ out.

  3. I didn’t think I had anymore innocence to lose.

    why on earth?

  4. So, blue junk hunh?

    I feel dirty, and curious. But mostly dirty because of my curiosity.


  5. I’m so glad someone else pointed out the naked Beast. You know, I’m all for male nudity, but shouldn’t he have some dangly bits or something? If I was Hank, I would protest.

    One of the things I like about Juggy’s new design is he can TURN HIS HEAD! Hurray!

  6. that juggernaut is cool looking.

    did love my ram man though. he would spring into action.

    very cool.

    whoa, beast is a eunuch now!

  7. Juggernaut’s supposed to be bigger than the hulk! THIS JUGGERNAUT DESIGN SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!