Jamie McKelvie Covers Art Brut

I am not going to try to classify Art Brut's style, but they're British, and very smart with lyrics, and quite excellent. And now, artist Jamie McKelvie has teamed up with them to provide artwork for the cover of their next album, which is called Brilliant! Tragic!, and will be out on May 23.

Or 23 May, depending on your accent.

This piece ties in with 2 other pieces of the CD case. So if there's any chance your brother just discovered rock 'n roll, this might be a good place to start. They formed a band, and it can surely be had for less than 18000 lira.

I'll stop.


  1. Hot.

  2. The man can do no wrong.
    And I’m not talking about Josh. 

  3. Just looked them up on You Tube, not bad, very british, not bad, nice cover art

  4. Some things will always be great!

  5. I’m so so on Art Brut but in love with this cover. Mmm McKelvie! Especially in Phonogram-y style, especially when drawing hipster-y looking girls. 

  6. Trying to get over hating the name of the band.



  8. whoa WAIT a minute! ron didn’t write this post?

  9. Hooray! Art Brut! absolutely adore them!

    Saw them play a gig just the other day in Oxford. Still awesome after eight years, Eddie as cool as ever.

    He’s a huge DC comics fan. He did some comic reviews for a blog recently, and has another band that does songs about Booster Gold and Blue Beetle! Jeff Lemire did the cover for Art Brut vs. Satan too.

    “I’m in love with the girl in my comic shop. She’s a girl that likes comics, she probably gets it a lot!”

  10. looks like maggie gylenhal (<– spelled wrong)