James McAvoy is Professor X in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS

Now that X-Men: First Class has a director in Matthew Vaughn, the cast is starting to come together. First up, the Headmaster of Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters. Professor Xavier will be played by James McAvoy.


James McAvoy is Professor X


X-Men: First Class is the prequel to the Bryan Singer X-Men films, not an adaptation of the excellent and much-missed comic book series. Singer himself will serve as producer (he was originally set to direct as well). In the original films, Professor Xavier was played by Patrick Stewart. The new film is said to be about young Charles Xavier and Eric Lensherr (Magneto) who are the best of friends but find their philosophies begin to diverge. What's interesting is that in the horrid third film, X3: X-Men United, we saw a flashback of Xavier and Lensherr as younger, but not  young, men. Will the filmmakers try to match the new film to that flashback? Or will they, probably wisely, ignore everything that happened in that movie? And will McAvoy have to invest in a good set of razorblades? We'll find out next summer!


  1. I don’t mind either way, but my money is on that the ignore, or at least will not adress, what happend in the previous X-Men movies.

  2. I was like WHAT!?! THAT’S RIDICULOUS!! And then I clicked the link and saw the picture. I guess we’ll see lol.

  3. It kinda looks like he’d be better as Magneto.

  4. I would rather have a complete reboot and forget about the other films.

  5. Good choice! He’s an excellent, versatile young actor. He’s impressed me in throwaway, fun tosh like Wanted to more serious movies like Atonement and Last King of Scotland. He’s got a lot of charisma and should suit a young, enigmatic Prof X very well. If this is the level of casting Vaughn is going to bring to the project, then bring it on!

  6. You can’t get dreamier than Patrick Stewart. It’s been tried – it didn’t work.

  7. huh?

  8. He certainly has the eyebrows to pull it off.

  9. Best part is it’s the same writer & director as my movie, "KICK-ASS!"  That’s a far superior team than what Singer can bring.

  10. But how will the Loom of Fate be integrated into the movie?

  11. Huh. McAvoy’s definitely got talent. He’ll no doubt make Prof his own instead of trying to top Stewart (which would be impossible). But he’s a bit younger than I would’ve expected. I know it’s the origin story of the team, but I would’ve pictured Xavier a little older than this when he opens the school. I’ll reserve judgement on this til we see some footage, but I’d be lying if I said I was excited for this movie.

  12. McAvoy is 31. I’d say thats old enough, thinking the first X-Men being teenagers, at least most of them.

  13. Yeah, I doubt that young Xavier was an old dude…

    So dreamy I would dry hu.. hand shake his.. hand. Guy’s cool, he can act.  Sounds like a cool project I guess. Is there a written "Xavier and young Magneto" adventures written somewhere; or is it all flashbacks from Xmen comic books?Just wondering. This would make the first comic book characters based on a not written story. I’ll watch it fo sho.

  14. Ha! Ny first impression was: "That prick from Wanted?"


  15. Just as long as he doesn’t do the accent he did in Wanted.

  16. In comics, was young Xavier ever shown to have hair?  just curious

  17. the eye color and skin tone is dead on

  18. So that makes Cyclops like, twelve?

    I just assumed the other fellas would be in it. I didn’t know it would be so Xavier/Magneto oriented.

  19. A little more wrinkling, I guess

  20. that’s awesome casting. watch something made outside of the USA and you’ll understand why

  21. @Bednrix: In that case, let me rephrase. He looks younger than I would’ve expected.

  22. Since it will be a young Xavier, will we see a young Cain Marko as well?

  23. But I thought they showed young xavier when he resuced cycke and the other children in wolverine. oh well.