It’s that Time Again – New MonkeyTalk!

You’ve seen our take on the San Diego Comic-Con, now it’s Little Rashy’s turn, as Part 1 of Episode 3 of MonkeyTalk hits YouTube.

Watch as Little Rashy, Paul Dini and Misty Lee’s adopted sock monkey terrorizes the con floor and DC’s Dan DiDio!

I know I’m the only person here who finds this so funny that I can barely stay in my chair, so indulge me, and Little Rashy.


  1. The video has been removed? Is there another link?

  2. Hmm, It’s been taken down – dunno why. Stay tuned for an updated URL when I find it…

  3. There are no Monkey Talk vids on YouTube at all anymore. I guess they watch ZeFrank.

    And it’s not on any of the websites that they post on either. It’s just gone.

    This is the latest episode. That shirt looks familiar.