The New Artist on ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’? It’s Immonen

It’s official — Stuart Immonen is the new artist on Ultimate Spider-Man.

Thanks to Derek for alerting us.

I like him. I like him a lot. He’s always been one of my favorite artists and although it will be a jarring change, I’m happy about the more realistic style that he’ll bring to the book.


  1. So, I’m presently listening to the White Tiger Marvel podcast and it’s ridiculously painful. And embarassing. And I don’t think it has anything to do with the editing. The two people being interviewed bicker all the way through and make it easy to laugh at them.

    Excited about Immonen on USM, hoping he can keep pace with Bendis’s writing like Bagley did. Doubt it though…

  2. I don’t know if his style on USM will necessarily be more realistic. It depends which direction he goes. His stuff from a few years ago definitely had more of a realistic vibe, but his work on Nextwave is totally cartoony. I have a feeling he will swing back towards realistic since that would fit the book better, but you never know.

    And there’s no way he can match Bagley’s pace. Who can? I heard an interview with Bagley a couple weeks ago and he talked about that. He said the new artist will be doing 12 books a year.

  3. JR Jr can work faster than Bagley, but that’s the only guy I know. He’s a beast.

    I think Immonen’s art has become more stylised and cartoony recently, not just nextwave, but his other work too. I think we’ll be seeing similar results to his interiors on the latest UFF annual; so although not as cartoony as Nextwave, I still wouldn’t class it as more realistic than Bagley’s.

  4. ooooh, i LOVE this! i was afraid they’d get the guy behind the last US Annual to do the pencils. but immonen is fantastic. i’m sad to see Nextwave go, but this more than makes up for it!

    on another note..whatever happened to Tom Lyle?
    he did the first Tim Drake ROBIN miniseries? that guy was awful. is he still working?

  5. I’m really hoping for the Stuart Immonen of 2004:

  6. I think his newer style is more appropriate for this book. But that’s just my opinion, and therefore it is the opposite of most comic fans, as I have come to learn.

  7. “I think his newer style is more appropriate for this book.”

    I agree, his nextwave style would fit much better here than his stuff I remember from Legion or Fantastic Four (was it FF? I remember a hyper-realistic looking Thing… wait, that sounds dirty… wait, every sentence with “the Thing” sounds dirty).

    Does anyone who knows anything about art know if it is easier to draw fast in that style? I would think it is, but I’m an idiot and I can’t really draw a bath, so I could be wrong.

  8. I would be happy with either style. I don’t know how much flack I’ll get for this, but his art was the only thing I really enjoyed from BKV’s arc on Ultimate X-Men. How long do you guys expect him to stay on? I know they said they would bring someone on who would be in for the long haul, but I remain skeptical given the frequency of fill-in artists used today.

    Speaking of artists on Ultimate books, I’ve been kind of disappointed with Pasqual Ferry’s work so far on Ultimate F4. Actually, I don’t think it’s his art so much as the coloring. The coloring in comics these days so often seems overdone. I read the Return of Adam Strange story a few years ago and thought that the sci-fi-ish nature of the story complemented his art and vice versa, so I set higher expectations with this F4 story.

  9. Yea, I think that his cartoony style would work ok on this book. Or the style he used on UXM and Nextwave. Bagley doesn’t have the most realistic style, which matches the all ages style of the book.

    I’m interested to see some sketches to see how it looks.

  10. I’m looking forward to a change in artist for USM. I got pretty tired of Bagley’s work. Nothing really against him, but I definitely like Immonen’s style much better. I’m especially hoping its more like the stuff he did for Ultimate FF and Ultimate X-Men. It’s more a middle ground between his Nextwave stuff which is very cartoony and stylized (which I really enjoy) and his Superman: Secret Identity work which is way more realistic.

    At the same time it is definitely something that Bagley stuck with this book for so long. Other artists should follow in his footsteps when it comes to having books out on time, while still being consistant.