It wouldn’t be Monday without some wacky science news!

Theoretical physicists are now saying that invisibility is possible in the not too distant future.

From the article:

Harry Potter accomplished it with his magic cloak. H.G. Wells’ Invisible Man swallowed a substance that made him transparent.

But Dr Ulf Leonhardt, a theoretical physicist at St Andrews University in Scotland, believes the most plausible example is the Invisible Woman, one of the Marvel Comics superheroes in the “Fantastic Four.”

“She guides light around her using a force field in this cartoon. This is what could be done in practice,” Leonhardt told Reuters in an interview. “That comes closest to what engineers will probably be able to do in the future.”

Most of the big words in this article make my brain mad at me for reading them, but this sounds cool, even if it’s only theoretical.

Of course, were this to happen, I’m sure nothing would go awry.


  1. And Stan is always talking about he doesn’t know a thing about real science. Sounds like he nailed this stuff back in the 60’s. Maybe the military should have him design some Doom armor for them.