“Is this the new FF?”

That’s all the cryptic press release said.

Click through to see the image.

My guess? It’s not.

But I am frequently wrong.


  1. they’ve done this before, remember when the Fantastic Four became Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Spider-Man and the Hulk?

    I have to say, I like this line up and usually I’m eh on Turner, but that’s a great piece of art -t oo bad he can’t actually draw a book and is relegated to covers…

  2. I do remember – Art Adams, yes?

    How long did that last?

  3. OMG it WAS Art Adams
    I think it was like 2 or 3 issues

  4. Wasn’t that when Reed and Sue joined the Avengers?

  5. You guys are cracking me up! The past ten minutes of convo. has been enlightening…A pseudo-Fantastic Four and Reed and Sue on the Avengers…sounds like a ‘What If?’ story. Is this withing the…dare I say…’616′ Marvel?

  6. Fantastic Four and Iron Man were two titles I was going to drop at the beginning of the year. I decided to hold out until the end of Civil War. Now they do this. Add to it Dwayne McDuffie writing the comic and this looks like it could be fun. Damn it! I only have so much money Marvel! I will give it a one arc trial run.

  7. Is this within the…dare I say…’616′ Marvel?


  8. The “New” Fantastic Four had a card in the second series of Marvel Trading cards. I never saw a comic of them, but I knew there were some out there somewhere. What the hell was Reed and Sue doing on the Avengers?

  9. I am 100% positive that this will be a permanent change, because Joe Quesada hates comic book fans and everything that’s good about Marvel. I mean, how can they just reverse 40 years of continuity and do this to long time fans. Without the Reed and Sue, there is no FF! Stan Lee must be turning over in his grave! Why don’t they just bring back H.E.R.B.I.E. and that creepy she-Thing!?!! Plus, how can a family, which is what this book is about, have both black and white people in it? Not very likely! I, for one, will be canceling my subscription and posting on every message board that will give me an account.

  10. I will completely buy this book. I love it. I’m going to be really pissed when this doesn’t happen/changes after 3 issues

  11. What is a She-Thing? I am picturing Ben Grimm in drag. That’s creepy.

  12. I will add, I have been wanting to read more Black Panther comics, but the Civil War crossovers have turned me off to the idea. I’ve been enjoying Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with Black Panther. I hope this is just as cool.

  13. josh, you were just fucking around right?

  14. civil war black panther has been pretty good you should check it out

  15. Storm and Panther’s marriage is the worst Marvel’s come up with in some time.

  16. Of course Josh is joking. He’s not a racist…..

  17. This does make sense in the midst of the Civil War though.

    Namor finally gets Sue; Ben wanted to leave the U.S. anyways, might as well go to Wakanda; Torch leaves with Ben after the War dies down; Reed gets to hang out with Tony Stark and maybe be in the New New Avengers.

    I think it sucks though. Does this mean the Black Panther books go away? I kinda dig those

  18. I read the Black Panther Civil War issues and I thought they were meh. The last one had one of those terrible manga-Sentinels, which is strike one. All it seemed to do was continue to assert Tony as the bad guy of Civil War, strike two. Finally, those television personalities that deliver the highlights of Black Panther’s actions annoy me. They deliver dialogue like “Black Panther visited Oprah and the President of the United States today.” Like they have to remind us he is black. I get it. He is the king of an African nation. Also it is right there in his name. It seems like they go out of their way to tell us he is black, which I don’t see to be necessary. Strike three. I like the character, I am just not a fan of whoever is writing the comic right now.

  19. ug, its the result of the antiregistration people joining up
    and unlike the wolverine/spidey fantastic four, these characters are all second string lameasses

  20. storm is not a second string lameass by any stretch

    i get what you’re saying. I like it even though it does kind of hit you over the head sometimes. It’s presently being written by Reginald Hudlin, who I guess is the founder or ceo of bet. I’m not sure which. i think it’s ceo

  21. storm is not a second string lameass by any stretch

    Yeah, I’m not sure how you can lead teh X-Men and be either second string, or lame.

    Unless you’re Scott Summers.


  22. Josh’s post sounds like every single Newsarama message board user. Just insert names for other names and titles of comics for other titles and that’s every single person bitching about stuff they supposedly like. That’s why I read my news there, and come here to post stuff.

    Josh, that was good. Thank you, I needed that before I headed off to work.

  23. they replaced one marriage with another, so not to lose the feel….Maybe sue & reed cancel each other in civil war….remember my words

  24. Conor:

    nice. very nice.

    i secretly agree

    zap err grumble grumble

  25. mister

  26. She Thing was Sharon Ventura…the girl on captain america right now…am i right??

  27. the funniest part about cyclops is that when he leaves and then joins x-factor they bring havok in and havok becomes the group whiny malcontent

    look mister I’m just as much an x-man as you mister



  28. No that is Sharon Carter, SHIELD Agent. She-Thing is something else. It may be Ben Grimm in a dress. I am not sure.

  29. She Thing was Sharon Ventura…the girl on captain america right now…am i right??

    That’s Sharon Carter, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.


  30. ahh foiled again
    i was just about to post that

  31. Apparently, Civil War ends with something awful happening to Ben’s jaw.

    Ah, Newsarama. Changing the lineup of the FF is a complete violation of what the FF is!… unless you’ve ever read FF. (She-Hulk? Anybody?)

    I was actually reading the FF during that period when Reed and Sue quit for… six months or a year, I think? They decided to retire and raise their kids, of all crazy things. Replaced by She-Thing and, I want to say, Crystal from the Inhumans? I remember it primarily as the period when the Thing got an extra dose of cosmic rays and morphed into the SuperThing, looking like a cross between an armadillo and a stegosaurus. I think it was during this run that John Byrne retconned the Beyonder just because he never liked him. But who among us wouldn’t have, given the chance?

    I’ve read Hudlin’s Black Panther, and although it seems to really upset a lot of people, I think if you take your geek hat off and read it with tongue in cheek it’s pretty frickin’ entertaining. It’s one of those books where the lead character is written to be smarter than Doom, cooler than Luke Cage, richer than Stark, and able to kick Wolverine’s ass. When I was reading it, it always made me laugh out loud at least once, and I’m assuming that was actually the intent.

  32. YES YES YES! That is the Black Panther I want to read. This guy though…I am not so sure. I enjoyed it during the run that John Romita Jr. was artist for, but this seems different.

  33. storm isnt second string? maybe not, but shes like the punisher in that she really doesnt stand by herself, she is only CONSISTENTLY interesting in regard to being part of a team or a team up or something.
    frankly the FF is like that- each member is boring alone.

  34. Apparently, Civil War ends with something awful happening to Ben’s jaw.

    LOL. It reminded me of Mouser from the old TMNT series.

  35. isnt it the same design as badrock from young blood?

  36. i just had a thought

    there’s a new ff movie being made right?

    marvel has a history of jamming whatever bullshit that’s going on into the book(spiderman’s black costume returns )

    I don’t think that this is real

    I think it’s a crazy stunt by marvel to get people talking about ff

    i hope i’m wrong

  37. ugh fred, put down the keyboard, sober up and come back after a good nights sleep.

  38. ummmm Josh, I think Stan Lee’s still alive.
    I havent read a really good FF book in awhile and with Sue and Reed splitting up I dont think they could be in the team together, or they eloped. I think spiderman could join the FF for awhile thats like the only superhero team that doesnt care about secret identies. Plus they have a big building that could protect fragile Aunt May and Mary Jane!!!

  39. So I must be drunk to think that Marvel would intentionally release misleading art to get people talking….

    remember when the cover for spiderman reign #1 came out accidentally but nobody would say that it was for that and that they weren’t killing mj

    remember when the shadowy art for omega flight came out and it looked like cap was joining the team

    these are only two examples. it’s not like i’m crazy thinking that

  40. WELL, IT’S OFFICIAL (no it’s not)

  41. Jessica Alba and halle Berry in the same movie; AND in spandex!!! 🙂

  42. Yeah, Jessica Alba is playing INVISIBLE WOMAN, Halle Berry is playing INVISIBLE ROLE..

  43. I’m starting to think that I was possibly misunderstood

    I was saying that typically Marvel puts out a movie and then takes things from the movie and makes them happen in the comic so that new readers brought in won’t be as confused.

    Examples include the upcoming Spiderman Back in Black arc that coincides with spiderman 3’s release and making wolverine look more like hugh jackman after the movies came out.

    I was trying to say that it was unlikely that this lineup would be the new FF because they are making a new movie which has the original lineup.


  44. Yeah, Jessica Alba is playing INVISIBLE WOMAN, Halle Berry is playing INVISIBLE ROLE.


    ……Man, I love websites that remember my info…. 😉

  45. Fred, I think the perfect example of this came on Morrison

  46. The rimshot is often used in American comedy to indicate the punchline of a bad joke.

    OH! So that

  47. I think this is gonna happen. Although I know we’re not supposed to mention this magazine, I bought one issue of Wizard (cue dramatic music) and they had one of those quiz sections for what’s gonna happen post-civil war, and one of them was “which of these couples will join the FF?” The other were cage and Jessica, galactus and silver surfer and… someone else I can’t remember (I threw out the issue awhile ago). So yeah… it’s gonna happen

  48. Just so we’re clear, feel free to buy Wizard, or any other damn thing you like.

  49. Even the work of Greg Land? Come on man use the bully pulpit for good

  50. Hey, some folks like Greg Land. I used to. It’s really a matter of opinion whether he’s a hack. Some don’t think so. I do happen to think so.

    One of the things that really bugged me about other forums (WEF) was the community habit of setting a bunch of standards of what was and was not cool.

    Granted, the 3 of us will still make fun of each other.

  51. I, on the other hand, will not concede that it’s okay to like Greg Land unless someone posits a reasoned, intelligent argument as to why what he does is acceptable. 🙂

  52. It’s really a matter of opinion whether he’s a hack.


  53. OH! So that

  54. I actually bought an issue that spoiled something… and it angered me, so i threw the issue across the room and it (conveniently) landed in a trash can

  55. someone above mentioned the 616 Universe. i hear that all the time, but where did it COME from?
    i’m dumb. help make me smart.

  56. background on 616
    came from Alan Moore’s run on Captain Britain

  57. thanks, fred!
    i’ll check that out…
    after i’m done listening to this podcast interview with John Byrne. he sure likes himself, by golly.

  58. john byrne is the only person in the world that loves himself more than donald trump
    but that is quite a good interview if it’s the wordballoon one