Is Ron the Vloghottest? You decide!

Thanks to a late push from parts unknown (possibly Long Island), Ron took the first heat in Valleywag‘s Hot Nerd Boys contest.

Vote for him in heat two!

Voting will end at noon Eastern time on Sunday, March 11.


  1. Man scruff wins all!!!!

  2. I don’t know, Ron, that Pedro guy sure looks dreamy!

  3. That’s what I said!

  4. I totally voted for this stud-muffin!

  5. doesn’t he? I’m scared…
    but dammit people, are we just gonna let Jonathan London breeze through this?

  6. Wait, now ron is web-sexy? I knew you guys were beloved, but not, like, beloved.

  7. Very non-metrosexual of you, Ron. You got my vote.

  8. I voted but ron but let’s be honest– the second dude is hotter

  9. Sorry Dude, I can’t click on a link that starts with ‘hot boys semifinal’. But good luck any way.

  10. Weirdest thing I have ever seen!!!!
    but I voted fo Ron anyways!!!

  11. If…nay, when Ron wins, we shall have an awesome celebration!

  12. Just went and voted. Strangest thing I’ve done today.

  13. I’m voting for Ron right now, because he’s the iFanboy Homeboy, and he seems like the best little brother I never had. It’s like this: You know when 10 “friends” promise to come over to help you set up your new computer, but 9 flake, and one guy shows up to help? That’s Ron. Got my vote. Friend in need is a friend indeed. And when Ron laughed at himself in a recent podcast when he was describing Local and Conor said, “Hey, I saw that movie…that’s Shop Girl.”

    Ron’s reaction was precious — always essential to make things happen, never takes himself too seriously.

  14. OK, I went to vote…and I was tested. Wow, that Pedro guy…and the guy at the bottom…that was a test. But I voted for Ron. Insides count, damn it, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” and too many books have covers that have nothing to do with what is inside. I think Ron has made that point many times, so insides and sterling pesonality get the vote from me…for Ron.

    But Pedro is kind of… a test, but I passed. Ron get’s the vote.

  15. Yay! Ron won the man-meat competition (their words, not mine).

  16. It’s not over yet! Everyone thought Josh had round one locked up too!


  18. I was wondering how that turned out. Josh was ahead by so much, but nothing was mentioned about how it resolved. Now I know.

  19. So, I just voted for Ron, but I gotta say, that Pedro guy looked like he went to a professional for his picture. Trying so hard takes away his geek cred. For reals…

  20. I voted for you Ron, but don’t be getting any ideas.

  21. I want to vote for you, Ron. But… My testicles won’t let me. It’s not that I’m insecure. I’m not. It’s the gonads, man. I blame them.

  22. I want to vote for you, Ron. But… My testicles won’t let me. It’s not that I’m insecure. I’m not. It’s the gonads, man. I blame them.

    You’re not being very convincing.

  23. Last round i voted for all of you by useing 3 different computers in school

  24. I voted for Ron, and prayed for Josh & Connor

  25. I’m bitter that Josh isn’t in the running anymore. He’s the sexiest of all y’all.

  26. Alright I voted for Ron…even though I felt all kinds of awkward while doing it.

    But apparently things are looking good as currently 39.7% of the voting internet thinks Ron’s shit don’t stink.

  27. Voting isn’t OVER until the last strike of the last inning…Keep voting!