Trailer: ‘Iron Man’

What nice surprise this morning as I came across the newly released trailer for the Iron Man movie, due out on May 2, 2008.

Now, I’m fairly biased here because I’m a huge Robert Downey Jr. fan, but I gotta say, this looks really freaking good.

Sure, we could do without the predictable soundtrack, but that’s just marketing and for the rest of the world to “get it.” But there are two things that impressed me with this trailer. First, within the opening seconds of the trailer, we’re introduced to Tony Stark and you can immediately tell that they nailed the character. Downey combines the right amount of humor with superior, rich guy attitude. Second, the last moments of the trailer, where Iron Man is flying… wow. Remember the reaction to Spider-Man web slinging through New York City the first time we saw it? How we said they nailed it and now we can see what we’ve only read about. Those scenes of Iron Man in the suit, flying just nailed it for me. Now I know what Iron Man would look like in real life.

I just went from really interested in this movie, to super psyched.


  1. all i can say is wow.

    fucking wow.

    i tell you what, if they can keep this momemtum up marvel truly has their shit in order, they need to buy all their franchises back and do it themselvs. This looks soooo good!

  2. Before I saw this trailer, I thought the movie had a lot of potential to be crappy. But, wow, wow, wow! They were able to portray Tony Stark as the same guy in the comics. The retell of the orgin is up-to-date and worked into the movie well (or it seems in the trailer). I agree with Ron about the shots of Iron Man flying with the jets, that was cool. I think that Marvel might be able to start a new movie franchise with Iron Man.

  3. Darn it!!! I am at work and my computer doesn’t have the plug in.

  4. Holy crap.

  5. I can’t imagine this looking any better. Just way awesome.

  6. WOW. And call me a child of the 70s/80s, but I loved the music, too. But yeah, Ron– the flying part at the end really put it over the even further over the top. Great trailer, beginning to end.
    To think we’ll be getting this movie AND the new Batman movie in the same year!!!!

  7. Oh wow! Double wow! Thanks for the Youtube version, Moo.

  8. don’t get me wrong Jim, I dig Sabbath and the’s just a bit..obvious.

  9. Oh. My. God. I pooed. I really did.

    Man, that looks so freaking awesome. I just don’t know if my brain can handle this and Batman in the same summer. It may not survive.

  10. On the song— The first time I heard “Bodies” by Drowning Pool I thought, “This is the Punisher’s theme song.” When it wasn’t in the movie, I was disappointed (not because I am a fan of the song, but because I thought it fit so well). The Black Sabbath song works in the trailer, I doubt they will put it in the movie.

  11. I consider myself a simple man with simple needs. Seeing Iron Man flying in the skies with fighter jets deserves an Oscar.

    The real question is: How many times today are you going to watch this trailer?

  12. I watched Ghost Rider for the first time this weekend. Marvel has nowhere to go but up from that piece of shit!

    Go Iron Man!

  13. I am about do watch it for the fifth time.

  14. All the shots with the Jets were awesome. They made me think of the first issue of Iron Man: Hypervelocity. I didn’t follow through with the whole mini-series, but I remember getting chills reading the first issue because the jet chase scenes were so well done. The shots in the movie had the same kind of energy. I’m not really a Robert Downey Jr. fan and even I have to say that looked pretty f*ckin awesome

  15. So I’ve been saving this tidbit for the appropriate thread but I saw them building one of the sets from the trailer. When Iron Man leaves the “cave” or whatever it was and is using the flame throwers on all the troops, it was filmed in the Sierra Nevada’s about a 150 miles or so outside LA. I was there with people looking for fossils and we started seeing all these paramount trucks then saw them building this huge set around an old mine shaft. We asked what is was for and they said Iron Man. They were even making their own rocks because the rocks around the area weren’t the right color. But hey, it looked good.

  16. Ron: I actually see what you mean, about the music being “obvious.” But, I guess this just shows what a pathetic fanboy I am: as obvious as the song choice was, I’m eatin’ it up!!!

  17. Awesome yes….. but who are the bad guys?

    Are we even going to get a primary villain for the film? Thinking back, I couldn’t actually recall any of Starks enemies other than The Mandarin…. it’s been (or feels) so long in the comics since we really had an arc when he fights one of his rouges that I had to wiki it to find some

    the question is which one will we get? or something new perhaps?

  18. Jim: So is everyone else, so it might just be a case of me being a music/movie snob 🙂

  19. Are we even going to get a primary villain for the film?

    I heard that the villain was going to be Mandarin.

  20. don’t get me wrong Jim, I dig Sabbath and the’s just a bit..obvious.

    I thought EXACTLY the same thing. But then I remembered that this is a trailer. The point of a trailer is to appeal to as many people as possible, so I guess obvious is probably the way to go. It’s not my taste, but then media with my taste tends to go unnoticed and get canceled pretty frequently.

    I don’t need any Iron Man. I’ll just take heaps of RDJ. Fine by me.

  21. Freakin’ Awesome is what that is!!!

    Now, if only the current Iron Man comics were half as entertaining as this trailer…

    As a, well, thirtysomething fanboy, I had subscribed to Iron Man many years ago, but let my subscription run out when Tony went into his drunken ways and Rhodey took over as Iron Man. And yet, the characters of Iron Man and Tony Stark were always favorites.

    What they have done with him lately pretty much pisses all over the love of the character I grew up with. And don’t even get me started on the new armor.

    But, this trailer… very awesome. I know I lost about two drops of pee that slipped out while watching it. The flying, hell, Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark… I wasn’t so sure of it when I heard or or saw pictures of him, but now that I see him in character being the Iron Prick that Tony Stark is… very well done.

    Sorry the soundtrack to the trailer turned some of you off. I know I definitely popped for it.

    Makes me so regret losing my old comics in the flood of ’93. But, I have great memories. Besides, with the movie coming out, surely the Iron Man collection will be on DVD soon, right?

  22. Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard at the opening, perfect, just perfect.

    My only nitpick? The scene with the old school armor was a bit cheesy, I though the terrorist extras weren’t that good.

  23. I am just so stoked that Robert Downey Jr seems to have a handle on Stark–he’s just such a likable prick, it’s fantastic.

    Iron Man’s an old favorite from when I was young…I can’t wait for this! I’m with you on the music and I don’t really like the “I…am…Iron Man” that vocodes its way into the end, but the flying looks so fantastic, it’s cool that they got it to look JUST like the comic…

    I am blathering but it’s good blather.


  24. The movie’s heavy is Obadiah Stane, the “Iron Monger.” Check out TOHOTMU’s Book of the Dead for his back story; suffice it to say, he’s very much in the Lex Luthor vein.

  25. Thumbs up.

    Agreed on the song. It’s an eye roller. But whatever.

    They should call the movie Tony Star, Hero. I can’t wait to see how he plays Iron Man in the suit. The idea of a genuinely funny super hero in a mech suit thrills me.

  26. I was one of the folks who waited in line at Comic-Con to see the teaser/trailer that they had there and it was fucking *sweet*.

    I avoid getting excited about comic book movies so I won’t be disappointed, but I’m daring to dream this time around.

  27. Did anyone else see the Hulk Buster armor?

  28. Just. Blown. Away…

    I didn’t even notice the music til the 2nd time I watched it… my jaw was busy scraping the floor as I feasted on those gorgeous visuals. I like the song in the trailer, think it works, but don’t want it in the film (maybe end credits though).

    And hooray for the triumph of (mainly) practical effects over CGI… I love good CG but nothing beats a real-life metal suit kicking ass! And you never bet against Downey!

    C’mon, Chris Nolan, the gauntlet for next summer’s been well and truly thrown… come out fighting!

  29. This movie looks awesome… I’m adding it to the list of movies that I need to see

    Also, extremely hapy that the original iron man suit is in there (although I suppose it would have to be…)

  30. I’m sorry, but I have been waiting to hear the Iron Man song by Sabbath over an Iron Man movie intro since I was 10 years old…. dream fulfilled! 🙂

  31. I don’t even like his drunk ass, and I got chills.

    As for the music… if they’d finally made the Spider-Man movie I always wanted to see, and then they played the “does whatever a spider can” song in the trailer– even the Ramones version– the taste of cheese would have hung heavy in my throat. A little on-the-nose. Still, I can live with it.

  32. This looks fucking brilliant!…With all of Downey Jr’s fuck ups in the past one thing has always been recognized…that he’s an excellent actor. He looks amazing in this. If the rest of the movie is like this trailer then I can’t wait to see it. He has the perfect combination of character that is Tony Stark down pat. We all know that the more trailers released the better they’ll be and we haven’t even seen the Mandarin yet!

  33. I’ve watched this like 10 times now. I finally just noticed the drink in his hand when he says “To peace.” That single drink made me go from “sweet” to “YES!”

  34. I was just reading a really, really old copy of Entertainment Weekly that pointed out that there are something like 6-10 Oscar nominations under the belts of this cast. Take that, Ghost Rider!

  35. Wow

  36. I have been spreading the love of this trailer to the folks I work with, via the iPhone sized trailer… I don’t know which is more fun, watching the trailer again as they watch it, or watching their faces light up as much as mine did when I first watched it. And second watched it. Etc, etc.

    Agreement all around, “This… Is…. Iron Man!”

    But, is the all Golden Yellow suit of armor going to make it’s appearance? Or, am I just too much an old school Iron Fan?

    And, Paltrow as Pepper Potts… ooh, yeah….

    if you scroll down to the flash movie thing
    its hte trailer to the leaked comicon trailer for iron man
    anyone know what song it is in it right as the audi pulls up right before the blond chick interviews stark

  38. Hey Xar, if my ears weren’t playing tricks on me I believe that song is ‘Club Foot’ by Kasabian, a UK indie band. The album’s just called ‘Kasabian’, if that helps?

    Thanks for posting the CC footage, dude!

  39. Got this error message when trying to watch the IronMan trailer…

    Couldn’t open the file “” because a bad public movie atom was found in the movie.


  40. Eyun, wow i love you

  41. That looked pretty freakin’ kool, especially when (young) Ozzy’s “I AM IRON MAN” played. I was like “no fucking way”, but then I thought about it and I was like “way, man definitely way”.

  42. It looks lame. I don’t know about this movie now.

  43. WOW. YES. Best comment I totally agree with, Mike Romo:
    “I am just so stoked that Robert Downey Jr seems to have a handle on Stark–he’s just such a likable prick, it’s fantastic.”

    I was completely dubious about them “doing” the origin story, but the trailer really shows it’s essential to show Stark’s “change of heart” (or damage) that leads to Iron Man, how he changes his life and goes from total prick to Iron Prick trying to do some good in the world, causing us fangasms watching really cool Iron Man special effects…

    What this trailer really does is satisfy those of us with scary encylopedic knowledge of Iron Man backstories, shows us where they are going with the film, but still shows people completely unfamiliar with the character of Iron Man who this guy is – and that he is completely (completely) different from any other comic based character, and get both groups totally excited to see this movie. Well done.

    I am SO impatient for the Dark Knight movie, but this REALLY needed to happen on the Marvel side, I am so with Eyun on this comment:

    “C’mon, Chris Nolan, the gauntlet for next summer’s been well and truly thrown… come out fighting!”

    Gung HO for the old Iron suit. Fangasm. I am not and never have been a Sabbath fan, the music is very obvious, BUT I am totally going to unclench my intellectual, hyper critical iron tight fanboy ass, watch the trailer 10 more times, throw my arms up in the air, and sing along:


  44. HOLY HELL! iron man rocks! i have the trailer in the background all the time! could the arrival of iron man and a slated captain america mean the the avengers are coming?

  45. Thanks Doc Wally! Good point about Marvel needing this trailer.

    Conor, you’re the DC guy, let’s have a TDK thread please?

  46. Ok, I’m not an Iron Man fan, but DAAAAAAAAMN…that trailer looked awesome…

    This is a must see next summer.

  47. Conor, you’re the DC guy, let’s have a TDK thread please?

    When the full trailer comes out, definitely.

  48. Does anyone know what the second song is that is played around 1 minute into the trailer? NOT Iron Man…

  49. Does anyone know what the second song is that is played around 1 minute into the trailer? NOT Iron Man…

  50. The second song is “Hey man nice shot” by filter. Any word yet on the first song?