Iron Baby


Seriously, why are miniature people doing adult things alternately cute and creepy at the same time?  Anyway, this is gonna be the biggest thing since Muppet Babies.  If it really was a thing, I mean.

Thanks to JumpingJupiter for the link.


  1. Creepy was the correct word.  Awesome is another that comes to mind.

  2. whats next….iron dog?

  3. Can’t go wrong with putting babies in strange situations. I like.

  4. Check out the guys Bruce Lee vs. Iron Man, it was a riot.

  5. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I find the whole concept of babies in general to be terrifying. I can’t watch this. 

  6. Heh, saw this last week, but I never noticed the little display readout showing the image of a pacifier. Nice touch.

  7. @paul: agreed


    I am so creeped out tho….

  9. I’m also with Paul. Moreso now than ever.

  10. I saw this awhle ago, freaking awesome!!!

  11. I must say, the production is awesome.

    And yeah, It’s creepy.

  12. That is hilariously awesome.

  13. oh………..GOD!

  14. This looks like a live action trailer for Marvel’s Super Hero Squad

  15. that’s a really scary idea presented in this here video

  16. Hahaha …wow

  17. I’ve been watching this guy’s videos for a while. His stop motion stuff is great.

  18. @must i never saw his stuff until yesterday, it is a real hoot.

  19.  I like the golden safety pin.

  20. Reminds me of how Iron Man looks in the Super Hero Squad show

  21. Bugs is  packin HEAT


  22. @Josh: u should look under Oliver’s crib sometime… just sayin. It’swhatI’ddo.