Interview: Kelly Sue DeConnick on GHOST + Exclusive GHOST #2 Covers

You know about the Ghost right? Why don’t you? It’s got Kelly Sue DeConnick writing, and Phil Noto on art. Isn’t that enough? It’s a revived Dark Horse title, and it’s back in its own miniseries now. We spoke very briefly with DeConnick, who is very busy what with a whole lot of comics to write. Plus Dark Horse sent along these covers for Ghost #2 for you to peruse.

Ghost #2 Cover

iFanboy: What was the hook that pulled you in to understanding this resurrected property of Ghost?

Kelly Sue DeConnick: The death of Anna Politkovskaya. I’m not sure if that would be considered a spoiler or not.

iF: What does Phil Noto bring to the table as an artist, and how do you play to his strengths in the scripting?

KSD: Phil renders some of the most soulful eyes and faces you see in comics today. His acting is really phenomenal.

I’m trying to take advantage of that by not getting in his way or doubling his efforts. So, for instance, one of the things I struggle with is captions — they’re a mainstay of the form, but I don’t really like them. They feel like cheating to me. They are a thing I have to force myself to do. But with Phil, he can communicate complex emotions in a face, so the captions aren’t what I hate them for being–they’re not explanations of what you’re seeing. Phil can handle having the face and the caption give two different parts of the equation.

Does that make sense?

iF: Totally! I like to see captions avoided at all costs.

Have you enjoyed the challenge of writing mysteries, and puzzling out how to present the story?

I’m not done yet, so no, “enjoyed” is not the word I’d use at this point! But that’s just me. I’m always in hell until I’m done. Then I magically remember it as fun and can’t wait to start the next one. It’s a trick my brain plays to make sure I get to eat.

The first issue is out in October, and #2 arrives, oddly enough, in November. You can probably follow it from there. Thanks to Dark Horse and DeConnick for talking with us.

Chost #2 Variant Cover


Kelly Sue DeConnick (W) and Phil Noto (A/C/Cover)

On sale Nov 7

FC, 32 pages



Ghost returns to Chicago’s Resurrection Cemetery, where paranormal investigators Vaughn and Tommy first summoned her, to seek an answer to the riddle of her own identity. But digging too deeply into the past can unearth secrets that the city’s elite would rather stay buried, and soon new threats are showing their faces . . . Kelly Sue DeConnick takes us deeper into a mystery that spans two worlds!


  1. I’ll buy just about anything with Noto drawing it. I’m just glad he always seem to work with good writers.

  2. I enjoyed Ghost back in the day and am looking forward to this series. To bad it’s just a miniseries!

  3. I haven’t seen Ghost since the Hellboy:Masks and Monsters ogn or mini and with Phil Noto, one of my personal favorites, I’ll definitely check this out.

  4. What? No Adam Hughes variant cover?