Interview: Ed Brisson Hits Reset on Death in COMEBACK

What if you could turn back time? What if you could find a way? What if, through temporal manipulation, you could take back the words that hurt them, and they’d stay? If you could, indeed, turn back time.

Ooh, baby!

Today, we’d like to Cher share a preview of a truly compelling time travel story called Comeback by Ed Brisson (Murder Book, Black River) and Michael Walsh (Murder Book, Continuum). Out on the 21st courtesy of Image Comics, Comeback centers on Mark, an agent of the mysterious Reconnect service. For a price, Reconnect reunites its clients with departed loved ones by retconning their deaths and ushering them to the present day. But when one op goes horribly wrong, Mark finds himself stranded in the past, the window to his own place in history swiftly closing.

We spoke to writer Ed Bisson about the business of meddling with the time/space continuum.

Comeback #1

iFanboy: Tell me about Reconnect. Am I going to want stock in this company?

Ed Brisson: Probably not. I don’t imagine that Reconnect is the type of company that can get on the NYSE. Since time travel is illegal, everything the company does is illegal, so probably not the best investment — unless you know how to launder money (if you do, get in touch. Let’s talk).

iF: What does it take to be an agent for Reconnect? Does this attract a particular type of person?

E.B.: There are a few different types of agents at Reconnect. Mark and Seth, our main protagonists, are charismatic dudes. Their job is really to rescue people from the past and bring them to present and they want to convince these people to willingly come with them, not that that often happens. For these guys, the “rescuers”, I guess, charisma is #1. Beyond that, they have to be ok with knowing that what they’re doing is illegal, however can sleep well at night knowing that they’re helping to bring families back together again.

Now Owen, on the other hand, is a real piece of work. He’s the dude who goes out and makes all the deals and does a lot of “clean up” work for Reconnect. He’s the type of dude you never want to have to meet.

iF: How does time travel work in the world of Comeback? Has keeping track of timelines and continuity presented a lot of challenge?

E.B.: Time travel in Comeback is limited. Although we never really delve into the science of it in the series, the background is that travel is limited to 67 days. Why? We don’t know, that’s just the ceiling that scientists have hit in “time travel technology”. It’s illegal, of course, and is not supposed to be used. People generally know that it’s something that’s possible, but are told that it’s not used and only monitored. I wanted something that was really limited when writing this story. I like the idea of having this thing that’s completely fantastical and then putting crazy restrictions on it and seeing what can still be done with it. For instance, Reconnect can reunited you with a recently deceased loved on, but ONLY if that person died of unnatural causes (car accident, murder, etc). Time travel won’t miraculously save someone who’s dying from cancer.

Keeping track of timelines and continuity has been a bit of a pain. My goal when writing this was to play with the timelines in an interesting way, but not go crazy and over complicate things. That was my challenge. I love the film Primer, but man…I will pay you $5 if you can tell me everything that’s going on in that movie. I didn’t want to do that. That’s not to say that the comic is simplistic by any means. There’s a lot of past actions effecting future events — hell, that’s the whole thrust behind the book. Also, I’ve had to do a lot of figuring out on how the FBI would monitor timelines for anomalies.

iF: So, the big question. Would you personally gamble with this kind of technology if presented with the opportunity?

E.B.: I want to pretend that this is something that I’d have to think about, but really, it’s not. I’d time travel like a son of a bitch if I could. Sure, it’s limited to only 67 days, but I’d have some fun with it. If we’re sticking to the book here, I wouldn’t be able to use it to win lotto or sports betting, because that could get me tossed in the slammer. But I am however able to play casino games online at, its been fun. Although, if I kept the wagers small enough to stay off the FBI’s radar…

However, there are some serious health consequences to time travel in the book, so I might wait for them to work those out first.

Now, how’s about an exclusive preview of the first 8 pages?

Look for Comeback #1 (of 5) on November 21st from Image Comics.


  1. I’m really looking forward to this one! What an extremely talented creative team, across the board.

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    Congrats to Brisson, Walsh and Bellaire on a great looking comic!

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    Would wax lyrical about how much I’m looking forward to this issue, but my brain is currently caught in a maelstrom of 80’s big-haired pop-rock.

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  8. The creative team on this book is a triple threat! Brisson, Walsh AND Bellaire!? We’re all in for a treat. Got the special ashcan of the first issue in NYC and can’t wait for the next!