INFOGRAPHIC: Joe Stone’s Visual Guide to the DC Reboot

I thought our table was the shiniest visualization of September's DC relaunch and all 52 #1 titles. Then Joe Stone, master of the infographic, unleashed his latest chart. Stone previously swung through the family trees of groups like the X-Men and Fantastic Four. Now he's endeavored to measure character impact and prominence, his chart radiating out from the Justice League at its epicenter to fringe players like Grifter and Etrigan in its outermost rings. It might be more accurate to say that each ring represents a level of removal from the center of the action and the characters/situations featured in the ring preceding it. 

Click for the big version. 

Do you agree with this visual assessment? Too early to tell? Has Swamp Thing ever looked more adorable? 


  1. That’s pretty spot on. Some of them will be less true than others, but that’s about the jist of it.

  2. Voodoo kinda looks like a black Michael Jackson. Yeah, I said that.

  3. This is pretty cool, I have to do an infographic design for one of my assignments (granted, the subject matter isn’t quite as appealing) and this is some nice inspiration. Thanks Joe Stone!

  4. Grifter looks like Frylock from ATHF with “Crow” facepaint on his eyes.

  5. Yeah, I’m gonna go with too early to tell. I don’t see Batwoman being closer to the center than Batgirl or Nightwing. Or Teen Titans for that matter. But I like the idea of this.

  6. Interesting that Captain Atom is so far out, given his prominence in the JL: Generation Lost series…

  7. Why are some like Captain Atom sort of faded out? Does that mean they aren’t going to make it? Seems like a few in the second outer-most ring should be in the outside to me. And fading!

  8. I think this pretty accurate sales wise but think some of the obscure/cult/unusual titles will be some of the better ones.

  9. And I hope they are and end up drawing a fanbase to shake up the markets expectations from publishers and fans sides alike.

  10. At least he finally took out the “Confused?” line before read more comics. I always thought that was unhelpful. Isn’t confusion due to over-intricate continuity the main reason people weren’t already reading the comics?

  11. I would have said that Aquaman and Nightwing would be a ring inwards. Johns is obviously pushing AC and he’s quite prominent in the Justice League. Also from what Snyder has said recently Nightwing still has a big part to play in the batverse.

  12. That’s fun! I think it’s pretty solid based on what we know so far. I’d probably swap the positions of the two Legion titles, as Legion Lost is set in the 21st century, ostensibly putting it closer to whatever’s happening in the other books.

  13. This just makes me think need to lose the Burger King logo.

  14. Isn’t this in concentric rings of eventual cancellation going from least likely in the bullseye to most likely in the outermost ring?

  15. I would swap Legion and Legion Lost, as the latter takes place in the present and has at least the potential of affecting the greater DC storyline.

  16. I’m just surprised that Legion is that far inside the circle.  Happy about it, just surprised. 

  17. Is that Guy Fieri (from Diner, Drive-Ins, and Dives) in the Blackhawks?

  18. The fuck? Why is Swamp Thing way in one of the outer circles? He is the most bad ass character in comics history and I’m not even a DC guy!!! Snyder is going to kill on Swamp Thing!

  19. I love the Justice League Dark one. If you look closely you can see the cigarette hanging out of Constanine’s mouth.

  20. Only one that really stood out to me was Hawkman being so far out given his history with the Justice League, but who knows where he’ll end up in the new world order of things, so waiting and seeing on that.