We’re sorry to announce that after 15 straight weeks of pure hilarity and high entertainment, there won’t be a new episode of the iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast this week.

Just bear with us during this temporary hiatus and we promise you will be rewarded when we return with podcasts that make you laugh… and podcasts that just might make you think.

We know that most of you are here hanging out at here at iFanboy because of the podcasts so it pains us to have to take this hiatus, but it’s something we have to do at the moment.

Please continue to come here and post and keep the excellent comic book/geek talk going on the weblogs and look for the announcement of our grand return!


  1. I know I came here at first for the podcast, but I’ve also come to enjoy the discussion here very much as well.

    Good luck with whatever it is that is causing the hiatus.

    Can’t wait until the new podcast.

  2. Discuss the daredevil issue next week, and I’ll forgive it.

  3. Woo-hoo! A chance to catch up! YAY!

    Thought, I hope this mean there’s been no big personal trauma or anything. You guys are all right, right?

    Or was Next Wave too much for you?

  4. I bet it was.

  5. This is the first time there has ever been any web speculation about us. I’m tearing up over here.

  6. We’re fine. We’re all fine here now, thank you. How are you?

    Seriously, everything’s cool. It’s just that sometimes life prevents you from doing the things you want to do and this is one of those times. Possibly next week too, but we hope not.

  7. So I’m on ITUNES, trying to get LOST SEASON two.
    How far along are they on TV? Is there any reason that there are only 14 episodes available when there are 25 of the first season?

  8. We’re only halfway through season 2 of Lost.

  9. That’s what I get for not paying attention to TV while it’s on.

  10. Seriously, dude, don’t bother with season two. It’s blecky and unwatchable.

    Season One and that’s it.

  11. Season two kicks season one’s ass in a major way.

  12. I refuse to watch Lost until it finishes. The whole story has to be complete so that I am certain there is a whole story and they dont just start making up twists to drag it out, I’m looking at you X-Files. 🙂

  13. X-FILES!? How dare you sir!…or Madame

  14. Apologies, I lost full control of my faculties for period of typing that post (I can only imagine I was victim of some Spear of Destiny like artifact).

    Also thank you for alerting me to the sexual ambiguity of my very manly (or so I have to tell myself) name!

  15. Lost is losing me this season. I like the Adebisi stuff, but I hate Ana Lucia, and the last few episodes haven’t revealed anything, even though they act like they will. But then they don’t. You can see my frustration.

  16. Who says every episode has to reveal something?

    Ana Lucia is great.

  17. matter of opinion. But I can tell you the sentence “ana lucia is great” is not going to convince me.

    I’m just losing interest. And I’m not the only one. I just know that between the Shield and Battlestar Galactica, Lost is becoming far less interesting to me these days. I’m not going to stop watching it yet.

  18. It’s funny, because you are the only person I know who likes season two less than season one. Everyone else I regularly talk to who watches it feels season two is better.

    But you’re right, it’s a matter of taste. I know from years of experience that you’ve got very exacting tastes, so I’m not stressed about it. 🙂

  19. Please. After the first five episodes were run in Season two, I stopped watching. Nothing was answered. More of the same crap happens – nothing makes sense. And these people have to be the dumbest people on the island if they just hang out at the beach all day.

    Ugh, the writings gone right down the toilet on S2 of LOST. After the Holiday, I tried watching what I missed to find that it’s even worse than I left.

    Bleh. No. Lost, S2 sucks large donkey balls.

  20. Toga’s obviously drunk.


  21. Drunk on solid story telling – funny, Lost, S2 keeps me clean and sober!

  22. Living in Florida is starting to get to your higher faculties…

  23. the last issue of DMZ wasn’t bad.

  24. I keep looking at DMZ, and if they had all the issues on the racks, I’d have bought it. But they aren’t ever all there, so I don’t. Perhaps I’ll pick up a trade. To me, Brian Wood is like that band everyone likes, and I buy the albums, but I just don’t hear it.

  25. The most recent issue wasn’t the best. The first three though set up such a cool scenario that I think can go some really cool places. The fourth just felt like a little side story to fill out an issue and give a bit more of a feel for the role the main character has adopted in this war zone. Unless I was drunk when I read it and I am way of the mark…

  26. we’re leading the pack in drunken interpretations of comics on the web.


  27. That oughta look good on the ol’ resume.

  28. I think Lost has jumped the mechanical shark with Season Two. So you’re not alone, Josh.

  29. You’ve got even stranger taste than Josh does, Steve!

  30. Steve has impaccable taste, and I’m pretty sure the anti-Season 2 Lost camp is in equal strength to the pro.

  31. On iFanboy, perhaps. But not amongst my non-virtual people.

  32. I would say the people I know are split into two camps on Lost: those who think it has gone downhill, and those who think it’s just as good as the first season. I don’t know anyone who thinks this season is BETTER than the first season, Conor excluded.

    And I still like the show, still watch the show, but I definitely think it has peaked.

    But then I was really down on The Shield last season, and look how that turned out.

  33. You’re not a cop, Steve. You never were.

  34. I loved the Shield last season. I love it 2 times as much this season. I think the 3rd season was the low point, but even that had some sweet male rape to make you wriggle in discomfort as you watch.

    I’ve said too much.

    That’s my favorite line from the show ever btw.

  35. You guys going to the nycon?

  36. We will definitely have a presence. I’ll post a weblog about it tonight.