Image Expo 2013: Robert Kirkman Celebrates 10 Years of THE WALKING DEAD; Teases the Next 10?

The Walking Dead_Book One_HC In addition to the plethora of new titles announced today at Image Expo 2013, and in addition to the big digital comics announcement, there was some interesting news about a little title called The Walking Dead.

This October is the 10 year anniversary of Image Comics’ best-selling title, the little black-and-white zombie book that has spawned a horror empire. To celebrate the occasion, The Walking Dead #115 will kick-off “All-Out War,” a new 12-issue story arc that will feature ten connecting variant covers by artist Charlie Adlard and issues 115-126 will be released bi-weekly over the course of seven months, starting on October 9.

At Image Expo, Robert Kirkman said about the new story arc, “I wanted to get to a point where civilization starts rebuilding… with civilization comes complications and conflict.”

This is a fascinating new twist on the Walking Dead story. One of the great things about this series is that it has always been about what happens after the zombie movie ends, and the survivors trying to rebuild the world is the next logical step to that story. It allows for a whole bunch of new and interesting conflicts and problems. It’s a story I’ve never seen told before and one I’m looking forward to reading. If you didn’t think that Robert Kirkman had enough ideas to keep The Walking Dead going another ten years, you might have underestimated him and his majestic beard.

To help promote the new storyline, Image Comics is treading into the area of tie-in T-shirts that DC Comcs found to be so successful with their various Lantern shirts. Should you be so inclined you’ll be able to choose which side you want to support in “All-Out War” with T-shirts that swear your fealty to Rick Grimes’ “Survivors,” Jesus’s “Hilltop,” Negan’s “Saviors,” or Ezekiel’s “Kingdom” factions. I don’t know what all that means (I’m still one trade behind) but it all sounds very exciting and possibly stabby.

In addition to the new story-arc, Image Comics will also be releasing a new version of The Walking Dead #1 in color for the first time ever by superstar colorist Dave Stewart. (This guy Kirkman is like the new George Lucas with all the new versions of the same issue and whatnot.) So all of you people who hate black and white comics now have a chance to see what all the fuss is about.



  1. Cool. Lucas jokes aside, #1 colored by Stewart sounds like a treat.

    Who in there right mind would wear a “Kingdom” shirt? “Survivors” is the obvious choice, but I’m tempted to buy a fuckety fuckin’ “Saviors” shirt.

  2. Great article Conor!

    Maybe now all those people on the “trash the walking dead” band wagon will finally shut up.
    Personally, I couldn’t be more stoked.

    • I know that quite a few people dislike the tv-show for various reasons (and the criticism is often valid), but I wasn’t really aware that there is a backlash against the comic as well. But since it is quite successfull that shouldn’t come as a suprise. And while I have cooled massively towards the tv-show I still enjoy the comic a lot. I just read the latest trade and it was great. It is still interesting, unpredictable and looks really good. And with the comic going bi-monthly that means waiting only 3 months for a new trade I hope. Something to look forward to!

  3. You had me at “majestic beard” Conor. Sold!

  4. Cool, it sounds like this will be going on for a while. Like Conor I just read this in trade format. And I am a LOT farther behind than him. I’ve only read the first 6 volumes so far. I figure I am going to order a whole bunch more in September/October to get me in the zombie mood for season 4 on TV.

  5. As I read this in Compendium format, this news will all be relevant sometime in 2015… or so.

  6. I remember picking up the compendium at a bookstore before I got into comics, didn’t pull the trigger then and there but after some checking around (and discovering iFanboy) I bought the first trade and have been into comics ever since. Great to see the series keeping it going.