Image Comics Takes You to EMITOWN This October

Several years ago, a punk named Bill Murray (not that one, another one) took the pages from my Alf journal and posted them all around the school. Soon everyone knew I had a crushes on Topanga from Boy Meets World and the bird from the McDonald's commercials.

Sometimes your personal thoughts should remain your own.

Other times? Well, they might be well worth sharing.

This October Image Comics collects the daily diary of writer/artist Emi Lenox in a new book called EMITOWN. While nimrods like me waste their days thinking in 140 character bursts for Twitter, Lenox channels her frustration, amusement, and wit into a new comic book page each day. You can check out her work over at her blog.

You'll find EMITOWN somewhere between Fun Home and King City, a memoir web comic in quick purple bursts. One day's work might involve a king of the mountain seige orchestrated by cats, while another recounts a conversation about the souls of dinosaurs.

Lenox says this of her experiment:

"EMITOWN was my challenge to draw everyday and also my way to record all the little moments that made me laugh, cry, or downright
frustrated. I never thought it would one day be a book, and I am so excited to work with Image to make it happen! EMITOWN feels right with Image."

EMITOWN, a 400-page two-color graphic novel for $19.99, will be available on October 27, 2010


  1. I enjoyed Fun Home. So, this might be worth checking out.