Contest! Design iFanboy Wallpaper and Win ‘Marvel Scene It?’

You asked for them, so here they are! Enough people asked for some iFanboy wallpaper and we’re delivering! But we also want YOU to deliver as well, and if it’s good enough, you can win something!

Thanks to the fine folks at Screen Life, we’re giving away the Marvel edition of Scene It, the DVD trivia game. All you need to do is design your own iFanboy wallpaper and send it in to us by November 24th, 2006 at 5 PM EST.

Click through to see the details of how to enter, as well as to see and download official iFanboy wallpaper!

Contest Entry Instructions

• Specs for wallpaper designs: JPG format – 1024×768
• Mail entries to with the subject line: CONTEST
• Entries must be e-mailed by November 26th, 2006 – 5 PM Eastern Standard Time.
• All entries will be judged by the three of us at iFanboy and we will announce the winner on next week’s podcast.

Official iFanboy WallpaperiFanboy Comic Book Podcast
by Ron


Arthur of Maine
by Josh


The iFanboyz
by Conor



  1. ha ha ha that last one is great!

  2. Holy crap , it’s Vincent Donofrio! In the Thrid one saying it’s hot! ….Oh..nah, I’m wasted. carry on.

  3. Ron’s wallpaper gets my vote and desktop space.

  4. All the wallpapers wicked great…haha! Thanks guys!

  5. Haha, excellent wallpapers!

    Number 3 is the best of the lot!

  6. OK, I like your wallpapers but I would like one with your banner theme. Like comic panels type of thing.

    Do you have a counter for each desk top? I would like to know which one wins out.

  7. To be clear, there’s not a contest between our wallpapers. We just did these to start. We’re waiting for you to submit your wallpaper design. Best one wins a copy of Marvel Scene It.

    There was a glitch in the output of the show this week, and it isn’t very clear what the contest is, but that is it. Make your own wallpaper, so get to it.

  8. Ohh, Cooollll…

  9. You got a link to the action-comics-esque one too?

  10. So, I totally do not mean this in a weird stalker way, but could someone post more pictures of the three of you? I need some photo reference for my idea (you guys are totally getting drawn by me!), but they’re kinda scarce on the site and the SDCC video isn’t very good quality. Flattering, somewhat high-res pics would be awesome and they don’t have to be group shots or anything.


  11. I need some photo reference for my idea

    This isn’t going to turn into some kind of Greg Land style Conor does porn thing is it?

  12. You got a link to the action-comics-esque one too?

    Chris, unfortunately that one isn’t a free font found online, rather one that we purchased for use and cannot share as it would break our license.

    If you want to purchase it for your own use, you can find it at:

    But by no means are we requiring you to purchase this font or anything else to make your submission to the contest.


  13. great free fonts here:

  14. im loving the Maine one as a fellow main-e-ac !

  15. Question – We’ve received a few entries from folks in the UK and it occurred to us that the US and the UK are in two different DVD regions. The games we have only work in US region players. Are multi-region DVD players common in the UK?

  16. yeah, and multi-region DVD players are fairly common in the UK, and almost all TVs are NTSC compatible, although I expect that the Scene It DVDs would be region 0 and therefore playable on all DVD players. Don’t take my word for it though, I could be wrong.

  17. Hmm, just sent in an entry, I don’t know what the time is EST, but should be about the 26th of Nov for you… now I’m just re-reading the original post and you have 2 closing dates and times? one’s the 24th and the one I originally read last week when I glanced down to the Entry Instructions says the 26th…

    ah well, enjoy the pic anyway 🙂

  18. I sent my final entry at 5 on the dot. I hope you got it at 5.