iFanboy Video Back on TIVO

Post Revision3, we're continuing to expand our video reach, and now we're finally back on TIVO!

The somewhat bad news? We're only on Series 3 and higher TIVO boxes — the series 2 boxes (older boxes) have a stricter encode that we don't support.

More outlets may be forthcoming, and as we add them, we'll let you know.  Thanks everyone!


  1. My Christmas wish has finally came true!  Thanks!

  2. YES!  This is great news, thanks guys.

  3. Excellent, Tivoing now!

  4. Yay!!! I always watch on TiVo!

  5. Wait… Crap! I have an older TiVo!!! Arghhhh!!!

  6. Dagnabit!  I have an older TiVo too.  🙁

  7. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Dang you Tivo!

  8. Please let us know when you will have a new, non-iTunes and non-Revision 3 RSS feed available…

  9. well that explains why I don’t get it on my Tivo anymore

  10. I was wondering why you guys weren’t showing up on my Series 2 Tivo.  
    Yet another reason to upgrade to a Series 3.