iFanboy Upstarts: Robson Rocha

Although a large majority of American comics are read inside the borders of the United States, the creation of those comics is truly a worldwide affair. Writers hail from Britain, Europe and Canada, and artists virtually come from everywhere. Today’s iFanboy Upstart is an artist who spent two years trying to break in and is in rotation at DC as one of their enterprising young artists.

Brazilian artist Robson Rocha‘s current work on shelves may not be his most memorable, but he’s showing just how hard he can work by assisting other artists finish books on Demon Knights and an upcoming issue of Superboy. That’s how Rocha got his break back in 2010, assisting on Justice League of America‘s 49th issue for Pow Rodrix. It won’t be until November 2012 — two years into his professional career — that he’ll get his chance to make mark as the lead artist on the book, drawing an arc of DC Universe Presents with writer Marc Andreyko beginning with issue #14. While it might seem like a long stretch to get that chance, Robson’s shown an immense amount of patience in his career; before he broke into comics in 2010, Robson spent two years doing samples for Marvel, DC and other publishers trying to get his shot. Through that time, he honed his style and his storytelling, and pages from his upcoming issue of Superboy #12 show him evolving into something special.

Here’s a sample of his published and unpublished work over the years. Tell us what you think — is he going to be a star in comics?



  1. Nice stuff but can he keep up on a tight schedule since he has not done a lot of work? Many greats just cannot deliver on time (Mad’s I’m looking at you!).

  2. His stuff looks good, just maybe a little too much like DC’s house style. Marvels willingness to have more experimental and edgy artists is what really attracts me to them. Most of DC’s stuff just looks so similar.

    • Yeah let’s not kid ourselves, Marvel doesn’t have that much diversity as well. The coloring is the only reason why stuff looks different then DC’s.

    • Marvel does have a fair bit of diversity. From Ramos, to Bachalo, to Samnee and Aja. They have a fair amount of styles But you are right in that the colorists is what really separates them. Most of DC’s stuff is bright and flashy while marvel usually goes for a darker more realistic palette. Marvel is also less prone to using unknown fill-ins and assists in a time crunch.

    • To Roldan’s previous statement:


    • Jerome Opena, Esad Ribic, Tony Moore, Chris Bachalo, Nick Bradshaw, Stuart Immonen, Terry Dodson, John Romita, Oliver Coipel, Mike Deodato, Salvador Larocca, Dustin Weaver, Sara Pichelli, Daniel Acuna, David Marguez, Steve Epting, Michael Lark, Humberto Ramos, David Aja, Chris Samnee


      Let’s not kid ourselves.

    • most importantly, let’s fight about it.

  3. I LOVE that Wonder Woman piece…that’s fantastic!

  4. Love the X-Force stuff. Great Joker piece as well.

  5. it’s a little cheese-cakey for my tastes, but i think some of that has to do with the content than with the artist itself.

    i’d love to see some of his non-superhero stuff!

  6. I looked this artist up when I saw he was doing interiors on the upcoming Blue Devil / Black Lightning team up. I like the pencils. I’ll have to flip through DCU Presents and see what everything looks like inked and colored.

  7. The Superboy work appeared in last week’s #12, and it looks even better coloured.

  8. This dude is good. As long as he never ever does lettering.

  9. I have enjoyed his pages on Demon Knights. His work on Superboy #12 felt off due to the inking and coloring. He’s got a bit of a Deodato vibe going on. Either that or Gary Frank. Looks good!

  10. The Superman and Wonder Woman pinups are exceptionally nice. He definitely has potential to become big.