iFanboy Upstarts: Max Dunbar

the_dark_tower_by_max_dunbar-d4bhecmWe all have to start somewhere — and that holds true for comic artists as well. Stuart Immonen found his doing a Bluewater-style Guns N’ Roses bio comic. Jim Lee did it inking a small press book called Samurai Santa. This week’s iFanboy Upstart is someone who’s doing the same thing but is already on his way.

Canadian artist Max Dunbar made his pro debut last August by drawing Dynamite’s Red Sonja: Atlantis Rises. Making a debut doing a full miniseries featuring a popular comic character? Not bad. Dunbar did good work on this series, finishing up in December and he’s already hard at work on samples for various publishers. He did some samples for Top Cow’s The Darkness awhile back, and he also completed two sample pages for original comics, one titled Tower Siege and the other untitled, and seems to be waiting in the wings for his next project.

Dunbar’s work reminds me of a young J. Scott Campbell before Gen13 when he was still going by the name Jeffrey Scott, doing piecemeal work around Wildstorm Studios. This artist has flair with his style, and he’s working hard to fill it out with substance and weight. His panel-to-panel storytelling is growing well judging by his early work through Red Sonja: Atlantis Rises to his current samples. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him roped into more work for Dynamite, or possibly even picked up to join the DC or Marvel fold relatively quickly this year.

But enough about me — what do you think?

red_sonja_atlantis_rises_issue_1__page_1_by_max_dunbar-d5ah9ud red_sonja_atlantis_rises_issue_1__page_2_by_max_dunbar-d5ah9zw red_sonja_atlantis_rises_issue_1__page_3_by_max_dunbar-d5aha31 red_sonja_atlantis_rises_issue_1__page_6_by_max_dunbar-d5ahag7 red_sonja_atlantis_rises_issue_1__page_7_by_max_dunbar-d5ahani red_sonja_atlantis_rises_issue_1__page_8_by_max_dunbar-d5ahaxy red_sonja_atlantis_rises_issue_1__pages_4_and_5_by_max_dunbar-d5aha9c red_sonja_atlantis_rises_issue_2__page_1_by_max_dunbar-d5f477r Battlebeast! character_sketch_by_max_dunbar-d4r8oif deadpool_sketch_by_max_dunbar-d5mtynh

Colours Team-Stryker-Pinup-01 SkullKickers_Pinup_Demon-Rats-resized the_lost_temple_p_01_by_max_dunbar-d4bhba5 the_lost_temple_p_02_by_max_dunbar-d4bhbi6 the_lost_temple_p_03_by_max_dunbar-d4bhbr3 the_lost_temple_p_04_by_max_dunbar-d4bhbwj the_lost_temple_p_05_by_max_dunbar-d4bhc5k




  1. Pretty strong Art Adams influence too? Looks pretty cool…

  2. Reminds me of Tony Moore. Give this guy a few years and I’m sure he’ll be even better.

  3. His pencils look fantastic but it seems to lose a lot after inking and coloring in my opinion.

  4. I could see him filling in on an X-Men book. Clean style with lots of flavor. Put him with a good injunctions and colorinv crew and I doubt Marvel would hear too many complaints. Did he actually do any Dark Tower interiors?

  5. No, no actual Dark Towers interiors. That was a pin-up for a friend.

  6. I love this guys attention to detail in the Red Sonja panels and mostly everything else too. The J. Scott Cambell similarity is evident and see a little Tony Moore, a hint of Cheung w a lil more flair and the colors n inks do take away from his detail. He’s perfect for an X book or Teen Titans, Vampirella (if his women are as good and even better than this sample of Red Sonja), and any other book just to see how it fits his style. He needs an inker who is as fine point as he is.I love the piece underneath Red Sonja’s stuff, who is that Thanos the Mad Thundercat? The detail in it is amazing, joking aside I really love it.