iFanboy Upstarts: Matthew Woodson

Marvel's Chamber by Matthew WoodsonComic creators become popular when two things happen — their talent goes on an upswing, and the readership takes notice. But with the hundreds of comic creators working in American comics today, there are some creators who carry talent in spades but haven't yet caught the eye of the comics readin' world at-large.. yet. With our weekly feature iFanboy Upstarts, we're out to change that.

Our second iFanboy Upstart is artist Matthew Woodson. He's made furtive in-roads in the world of comics, but by and large he's' beenon the outside looking in. He had stories in both Flight, Vol. 2 and Meathaus #8, but his most widely seen comics were outside of comic books entirely — doing comics for fashion brands like Perry Ellis and magazines like Spin. But all that's about to change with this week's Northlanders #40.

In Northlanders #40, Woodson joins with writer Brian Wood to follow a sole hunter in the Scandinavian forests during winter. The cold, the solitude and the single-mindedness of "The Hunt" will bring harsh focus on the story as well as Woodson's art. Woodson and Wood have been talking for years about collaboration, and met through Wood's longtime collaborator Becky Cloonan (Jennie 1.0, DEMO, Northlanders).

DC is playing Northlanders #40 close to the vest with no online previews of Woodson's work, but the solicitation hypes his major label comics debut to the hilt. There's no telling what comes next for Woodson, but I know it'll be worth buying.


  1. Wow.

  2. This is very different from any other artist who has worked on Northlanders. Looking forward to seeing how it plays out!

  3. Whoa, I have a Woodson piece of art somewhere. Love his album covers.