iFanboy Upstarts: Chris Johnson, AKA Chris Visions

In this week’s iFanboy Upstarts, we found an impressive young artist whose work invokes everyone from James Jean to Damion Scott. He’s still on the outside fringes of comics waiting for his big break, but his artwork shows the skills of someone who won’t be waiting long.

Virginia-based artist Chris Johnson (sometimes going by the moniker “Chris Visions”) started his professional career as an artist just five years ago, working as an graphic designer and illustrator for video game companies. All the while he’d been chipping away at comics with samples and his own unpublished work. In 2008 he got the attention of then-flourishing company Radical Comics and was enlisted to take over the miniseries Freedom Formula after the original artist bowed out after issue 2. Visions debut work here showed al ot of  youthful vigorousness, although his work was pushed into Radical’s house style by the inking and coloring. After that, Visions popped up next drawing the short “Rooftops” for an anthology he helped put together in 2010 titled RVAnthology. As far as 2012 is concerned he’s still yet to have anything published, but Johnson’s work shows a lot of personality and skill that several publishers should be looking at.

So where do you think would be a good place for Chris Johnson to work next? Maybe an issue of Brandon Graham’s Prophet, or perhaps in more anthology work such as in Dark Horse Presents. Look over his work and tell us what stands out to you, and where you think he should show up next!


  1. Xenomorph and Ash Williams FTW.

  2. Great art, especially the thunder lovers scene between Storm & Thor.

  3. I would love to see more of Chris Johnson’s’ Thor. The thickness of the beard and his clothing design just seems…right.

    Overall, his work is very dynamic and full of life. Will certainly be looking out for him in the future!

    • you think? this version of thor scares the shit out of me. it reminds me waaaaaay too much of the main character in “a god somewhere.” he just looks unhinged to me.

  4. Yeah, this dude’s on point! Wow.

  5. Theres at least a half dozen stylistic approaches he seems proficient in, with that level of talent I could easily see him working anywhere. I do get a definite Vertigo vibe from him though. Like you said, at times channeling James Jean, and others reminiscent of some of the best Unwritten covers of the past few years. And then his straight superhero fare is excellent as well, so just get him working I say!!

  6. i would pay good money for a wolverine vs. alien mini. just sayin’ is all…

  7. i’ve watched this guy work in person, He’s easily one of the best artists I’ve seen. he’s done quite a few caricatures for us at http://www.airbrushcustoms.net

  8. I don’t know, seems inconsistent, I hate to be “that guy” on the comments and I’m really not trying to troll. At first I was “Thisss isss coool” but then I want more of what was at the beginning. That cat thing is great, but then the Alien in the Wolverine pic looks like it was drawn and clumsily filled in. I’d say more cat.

  9. I see traces of James Jean and Paul Pope as influences. Amazing stuff!

  10. I think this work is great! There is some amazing fluidity to the linework, but the places where he gets a bit more expressionistic also works quite well. Very diverse skill sets that will let you adapt to any kind of subject matter. I hope that some of the cool things that are happening in the pin up style art can translate into sequential pages and/or published covers. Looking forward to seeing more!