iFanboy Server Upgrade – COMPLETE

If you’re seeing this, then you’re on the new iFanboy.com server! We’re very excited and are proud to share with you our new home. Some changes you should see with the new server:

  • We shouldn’t be down as much as we have been in the recent past (fingers crossed)
  • You should notice it’s faster when you post a comment or load a page
  • And as an added bonus, I’m pretty sure I fixed that bug so the comments section will remember your info!

Of course there may be bugs, so if you see any please let us know by emailing us contact [at] ifanboy [dot] com! Thanks and enjoy the new server!
It was like waking up to Christmas morning to see the new server in place and working! Yay!


  1. FIRST POST! And, like all first posts, it will no doubt be preceded by someone who hit the post button while I was typing up mine. I’m just here to test the posting time and “Remember Personal Info” button.

    Congrats, Ron! (I’m assuming it’ll work.)

  2. P.S. IT DOES WORK! Wahoo!


    It’s a good thing you’re our friend, or I’d bounce your ass right out of here for that… 😉

  4. Sweet. Faster comment time rules.

  5. you guys did great!

  6. thanks Augie, DarrOn and Simon! It was a lot of work but went smoother than I thought it would…

    thanks to everyone else for your patience.

  7. Just checking how long it is going to take for my post to go through and if it it remembers my personal info.

  8. Wow that was quick and it DID remember my info. Great job guys. Can’t wait to see what new stuff is down the road.

  9. yea I didn’t even notice the down time. What kind of server you got?

    Also, I just read that Jonah Hex issue. whew, you were right. Brutal. Kind of reminds me of my childhood…..

  10. when will there be an ifanboy 3.0…..although it would be hard to make this place MORE awesome!!!

  11. iFanboy 3.0 is currently in active development, we’re aiming for an early 2007 release, we’ll keep everyone posted as we get closer…thanks for the compliment, but we have some ideas how to make this place more awesome for everyone

  12. Loading times are much faster now, and I have cable too.

  13. Hey guys! I am glad everything is up and running well. I was extremely proud to hear that you guys picked up the “Fables” trade. I like that you can take advise as well as give it. It really made iFanboy feel like a community that we are all a part of. Great Job!

  14. Cool. I gonna adopt you 3.

  15. iFanboy upgrade. Mmmm…tasty.

  16. WOO HOO with the ifanboy upgrade, today, is a good day, it’s like early Christmas