iFanboy Video Schedule Update!

As alluded to on this week’s Pick of the Week Podcast, we’re shifting the release of our shows around a little bit, starting this Wednesday.

New episodes of iFanboy, our weekly full-length comic book show, will now be released on Wednesday at 3pm ET. Long time viewers will remember that before we moved to Saturdays at noon, this was the original release day and time. Well, now we’re back! On Wednesdays, when you think new comics we also want you to think of a new iFanboy show! New comics and new iFanboy — it’s a natural pairing.

Also, we’re going to be tweaking the releases of the iFanboy Minis a bit. Previously, we released a new Mini every weekday at 7am ET. Starting this week, new Minis can be seen every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. In addition to this scheduling tweak, the Pick of the Week-themed Mini, which previously was seen every Friday, will now be seen on Saturday.

Hey, that’s two shows every Wednesday to enjoy along with your new comics!

There are reasons for these moves and they are too technical and boring to get into — but the main point is that you’re still getting the same number of iFanboy shows every week, just shuffled around a bit.

Thanks for watching!



  1. When do you guys sleep? God Bless you guys for bringing us all this great comic based content.  You’re my heroes!!

  2. Sooo does that mean we get a show early? 😀

    Or do we get one late? 🙁

  3. @TheKZA – Early.  The next show should be out this Wednesday.

  4. Bad ass

  5. Sweeeeeet! Thursday is my day off! New iFanboy when I get up! (My thurs is ur wed…)


    Liking the new scheduling already!

  6. Cool, two reasons to look forward to Thursdays now (I live in the future with LukeB) — new comics & new iFanboy eps!

    No change to the audio show?

  7. >There are reasons for these moves and they are too technical and boring to get into – but the main point is that you’re still getting the same number of iFanboy shows every week, just shuffled around a bit.

    That’s what the government said when they needed extra days to disburse my student loan money. They assured me that I’d be getting the same amount of money, just in different increments. I smell subtle conspiracy and manipulation at iFanboy. "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"

  8. So we get a mini AND a full-length show on wednesdays? Fuckin’ awesome!

    God bless the iFanboys, we really are spoiled to have a site this good. 

  9. Audio podcast same bat time,same bat place?


  11. So…what’s it like being the best comics podcast on the internet?


  12. How do you guys read your comics and do a show by 3pm?  I’m still reading my comics from May… *sigh*

  13. Hint: they record in advance:)

  14. @Superyan – We’re talking about the video show here, not the audio show.

  15. iFanboy and comics….Yessss!!!!

  16. yay new show on wednesday! i’m down for it

  17. You guys rock, keep up the awesome work

  18. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


    I can’t TAKE IT!!!

  19. @Paul – That was AWESOME!

  20. So what am I going to do on normal Thursdays?  Eh.  I gotta complain about something.

  21. So is it still being posted at 12 PM Eastern?

    In any case, it’s a nice surprise to get the show early. Love what you guys are doing. 

  22. Only six days a week now?  Slackers;)

  23. How will this affect continunity?

  24. OK. 

  25. Love the BBQ shows! I’m so excited to watch it. But why do you guys make so much food? I’m hoping there are others off camera? Wives? Girlfriends? It seems like a ton of food. I could eat maybe one hamburger and a chicken wing or two.

  26. @electricyoda – We’re hungry.

  27. I ask this out of curiosity and not selfishness, but what about Thursday?

  28. @Haupt – No new videos on Thursdays.  We hate Thursdays.

  29. Never could get the hang of Thursdays.

  30. @Diabhol – I’m listening to the Ricky Gervais Podcast right now, so when I read that line I thought it was from "The Office", because I could hear it in my head being said by Martin Freeman. Definitely took me a minute to remember it correctly from Hitchhikers Guide, even though it was still said by Martin Freeman. Basically you broke my brain. On a Thursday no less.

  31. What’s the 616? Sin City posters?

  32. So happy to hear about the return to the previous release schedule! Maybe it was just the right frequency, maybe there’s an underwhelming void on Wednesdays, but I remember being absolutely addicted to iFanboy.com when the two big shows came out on Wednesday and Saturday. Great news!