iFanboy at San Diego Comic-Con 2008! Meet-up Info! Contest!

The San Diego Comic-Con is upon us! Starting this Wednesday night, July 23rd through Sunday July 27th, thousands of people will be descending on the beautiful city of San Diego for comics, movies, television, video games and all other forms of entertainment. The iFanboy crew, as we have for the past 7 years (minus 2003), will be at the con in full force. We’ll be there shooting for our internet television show, iFanboy, getting interviews with your favorite creators, but in addition to that there will be a bunch of events and happenings where you can come meet us and hang out with us. Josh, Conor, Ron and Gordon The Intern will be in attendance and we’ve met a ton of great people in San Diego over the years and we hope to meet all of you, if we can this year!

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iFanboy Events

If you’re attending the convention, there are a bunch of places you can see us. 

On Thursday, July 24t at 5 PM, Conor and Josh will be sitting on the  The Third Annual Comics Podcasting Panel— The best of the best in comics podcasting returns to San Diego for the third annual discussion of comics podcasting and how it’s affected the comics media. Join moderator Fred Van Lente (Action Philosphers, Wolverine: First Class) in a no-holds-barred discussion with comics podcasters Bryan Deemer and Peter Rios (Comic Geek Speak), Charlito and Mr. Phil (Indie Spinner Rack), Joe Gonzalez and Jimmy Aquino (Comic News Insider), Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick (iFanboy), and John Mayo and Bob Bretall (Comic Book Page) – Room 32AB

MEET-UP with iFanboy & the Totally Rad Show
Like last year, we’ll be joining our friends from The Totally Rad Show for a meetup.  Below are the details:
WHEN: Friday, July 25, 9:00 p.m. to 12 midnight
WHERE: Bar Basic – 410 10th Ave., San Diego CA  – Google Maps

As we posted last week, we’re going to be hanging out in and around Booth 2207, the San Diego Comic Con home of Darwyn Cooke, Cameron Stewart and David Bullock.  We don’t know when we may be at this booth, but there’s a good chance if you stop by, we’ll be there sooner or later.


iFanboy/Stan Lee Contest  – THE CONTEST IS CLOSED
In addition to the great iFanboy related events, we’ve got an exciting contest to announce. iFanboy and Stan Lee (and POW! Entertainment) are officially announcing the “San Diego Comic Con ’08 POW Entertainment/iFanboy Trivia Extravaganza”, this is your chance to win one of the most spectacular prizes of all. If the Grand Prize winner is attending the SD Con, you will be granted access to follow around us while we interview Stan Lee at the con.  If the winner is not attending the comic con, he or she will receive a bunch of personalized/signed stuff by Stan Lee including exclusive San Diego Comic Con Items. The contest will consist of 5 trivia questions, listed below, the first person to get all or most of the trivia questions right will win the amazing grand prize.

To enter, simply email contact@ifanboy.com with the subject line “STAN LEE CONTEST” with answers to the below questions.  Be sure to include whether or not you will be attending, the San Diego Comic Con, & your cell phone number so we can contact you. You have until 9 PM EST, Tuesday July 22nd to enter. Please be advised that the winner will only be allowed to follow the crew around, they will not be able to have a one on one with Stan. Also the winner will not be flown out to San Diego or given a pass to the Comic Con, only if they are attending the Comic Con already will they be allowed to sit in on the interview, otherwise they will receive the other grand prize of several personalized items. Good Luck!

1) The first time Stan Lee ever appeared in an episode of iFanboy, Ron asked if he was…
a) a Skrull
b) a Doombot
c) a Sentry fan

2) What was the original name of the San Diego Comic-Con?

3) What Year was the 1st San Diego Comic-Con? & Who Started it?

4) What year did Stan Lee first attend Comic-Con as a guest?

5) During an interview with iFanboy at the New York Comic Con in 2008 Stan revealed why his characters were all in New York. What was his answer?



  1. Damn. I go away for an hour and this pops up. Hopefully I was first! I doubt it though. Who would miss this opportunity?

  2. Crap, sorry–delete that.  here I thougth I was so on the ball I was winning the contest, or at least answering first.

  3. What is the underage situation at Bar Basic? I can’t remember. Is there a time they have to leave, or are they not allowed in period?

  4. Unfortunately it is a bar, and I do believe its 21 and over- but its also a restaurant..so if you choose to have dinner there that night…or if you hang out outside…there are ways we can meet up


  5. Damn. Oh well. I’ll probably stop by for a bite, anyways.

  6. Not that I want to encourage inappropriate behaviour, but this contest made me think… Y’think Stan Lee has to worry about security?…

  7. Stan’s always got security around him at these things.  It’s probably not as much a safety issue (well, it is), but also the fact that he’d never get from one place to another without being mobbed by people.

  8. @Josh – Make sure you tell him my surname this time 😉

  9. I’ve avoided watching the video shows just to not see what you guys look like…..like to keep the geek mystique…..but drinks, those I like.

  10. Wish I was going to be there, but my day-job beckons… The rest of the crew from Kaiju Big Battel (http://www.kaiju.com) will be holding it down in Booth #4632 with a gaggle of city-crushing monsters and a couple of our new toys. I told them to lavish anyone who stops from ifanboy with DVDs and other loot. Ask for Tim at the booth (he’s the least surly).