iFanboy Presents… The Booth Babes of San Diego 2006!

Just when you thought that San Diego 2006 was but a distant memory, we’re back with a bonus iFanboy video!

Now, without further adieu:

The Booth Babes of San Diego!
Running Time: 00:03:06

You can download it directly: (right click and choose “save as…”)
iPod M4V (320×240) – 18 MB | Quicktime MOV (720×480) – 33 MB | Windows Media WMV (720×480) – 24 MB
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But that’s not all! Click on through for some a few more surprises…


  1. Is Red Sonya in #28 pregnant? And does the character usually have backfat? Not sure, I don’t read it.

  2. Hawt.

  3. I like how the text underneath says “You are in Babes”.

  4. “Wizard magazine gives fanboys a bad name”

  5. That redhead it hawt.

  6. Hahaha. Really, you think so?

  7. I just clicked on the link to your website and really truly my bad if you were the Red Sonya.

  8. She’s not Red Sonja. She’s Kristin in the video.

  9. Awesome. Now I can push that rare ‘I actually have a soul’ moment away and forget it ever happened.

  10. Whoa! Someone thought the Redhead in the movie was the Red Sonya in the pictures? Is this comic book lingo or just a silly conversation?

  11. No, I clicked on your name at the top of your post and saw your pictures on your website and I thought that possibly you were the red sonya because you were saying she was hot and if the photos on your site were taken like 5 years ago you would have had enough time to gain the weight. Ahh, I’m stupid but I did actually feel bad so I have discovered that I may be human so I guess that’s cool.
    And I didn’t realize that you were the Kristin in the video
    Now that that’s out of the way ….

  12. 5 years or she could’ve eaten you

  13. That Patrick… always wearing his “sky blue shit”. What a card. Good work guys, some very amusing photos there.

  14. Whoops! Fixed the typo.

    (Have to remember not to do these things at 1am)

  15. Damn, that Gordon is a chick magnet.

    I have some photos of the podcast panel if you guys want them.

  16. Amazing what happens to people when a girl actually shows up…

  17. Gordon seems to be working out nicely as an intern. I think I speak for all the girls when I say we’d like to see more of his work.

  18. I like the part where Gordon the Intern basically stops talking and is clearly checking out the Tony Hawk girl. Nice.

  19. There was definitly chemistry between Gordon and the Motion Capture girl. She was real cute.

  20. Haha, bravo. I remember seeing alot of these girls at Comic-Con myself.

  21. Just so everybody knows…Gordon the Intern is married – and Kristin the Tony Hawk girl is engaged.

    Any chemistry between the two is because they both love the TV show the Bachelor – and that draws people together.

    And why am I talking about myself like I’m not here?

  22. Gordon, you are a Pee-Eye-Em-Pee.

  23. I don’t watch the Bachelor. I don’t even have cable.

    Although, I think it was whale harpooning we bonded over. That was a great trip.

    Gordon is right though, he’s married and I’m engaged.