iFanboy On The Radio (some more!)

Ron will be appearing on The Jim Bohannon Show on Monday, 07/28/08 at 11 PM Eastern! You can find out how to listen at The Jim Bohannon Show‘s website. They’ll be taking calls from listeners so feel free to try and dial in and see if you can get on the show!

Stay tuned for more appearances!


  1. Good luck Ron. 

    On a totally unrelated note:  Web site design for the Jim Bohannon Show = yikes.  Click through for 1997.

  2. Will this stream? Will it podcast? Is it streaming right now? Can someone clip it? 

  3. Good luck my man.

  4. Wha?! Jerry Doyle (Garibaldi from B5) has a radio show?! And he’s a conservative?!! WOW.


  5. I’m telling ya man, the comics scene-is-a-changin’.

  6. I think we’ve always wanted comic book movies. The effects technology just caught up to the public’s imagination.

  7. Listening now… Good God, just as the UK has awful television, the US has some horrible radio! I’m sticking it out for the iFanbase… 

  8. Ron… awesome job! Just AWESOME! 

  9. thanks Eyun, can you tell I lost my voice at the con?  (we’re in commercial break now..)

  10. @Eyun,

    I think this is a really good interview. He seems to respect the subject matter.

  11. @Ron – A little, and not surprising after all your work there, but at least he seems to know his job, unlike the schmucks who Josh got. Still, awesome answers! I hope you talked up TDK?

  12. @Gene – Couldn’t agree more.

    @Ron – Your Stan Lee  answer was just so spot-on!

  13. @Ron – Oh Yeah! iFanboy mention!

  14. They have to draw the world at a moment’s notice.

  15. OMG i’m talking about John Byrne..

  16. @Ron – This is just a fantastic interview!

  17. another commerical break

    @Eyun glad you’re enjoying it

  18. The ads kinda suck… worth it though.

  19. @Ron – thank god you’re the only one here talking sense. Was that Josh doing the English accent on that ad? 

  20. i dont hear the commrcials – perks of being the guest.. 🙂

  21. @ron – are you on just till 11pm or later?

    By the way great job.

  22. woops I meant 12pm.

  23. Repeat appearance?

  24. Seriously, Ron, just a great interview. I’m gonna be the one to stick my neck out and say you did us all proud. Congrats, Ron!

  25. Agreed. You navigated those waters brilliantly (especially the "get a life" bit).

  26. Thanks everyone who listened – I’m all done – it was just for the 11 hour…

  27. hopefully they put up the post appearance interview in the podcast section