iFanboy on Diggnation Live at Comic-Con 2010

Last week at San Diego Comic-Con we held our yearly iFanboy Meet-Up at the live Diggnation taping at the House of Blues. Perhaps you got there early and we tossed Revision3 swag at you from the stage. Perhaps you were in the upper balcony area or by the sound board, both areas we were told by management not to throw near, and both areas we threw near anyway, which earned us (and The Totally Rad Show guys) some talkings to.

If you bailed out early you might have missed our appearance on Diggnation. We were tasked with finding people in the crowd in costume and "sponsoring" one for the costume contest. You will perhaps not be surprised by who I sponsored.

Here's the show. The segment that we're in starts at the 00:36:30 mark, but if you press play below, it will start at the point where we come in:

We know that this year's party was a bit different than previous years, and we heard from some people who bailed out early because they weren't all that interested in Diggnation, but for those stalwart enough to hang around for the post-show after party that was held in the private side bar, you were a part of one of my favorite San Diego iFanboy Meet-Ups of all time. We met and talked to a lot of great people and generally had a blast. Thanks for coming out, everyone who did!


  1. What the heck was up with that "Cupertino" guy?

  2. @Heroville: Everyone was asking that question.

  3. That was a really good meetup, and it’s why I lost my voice by Friday morning.

  4. Big fan of diggnation, glad to see you guys on again.

  5. I like to see more crossovers like this! Get it? Crossovers? Comics?