iFanboy News & Notes for September (UPDATE)

We’ve got a lot going on in September! Click through to read a few announcements.


1) Our first announcement is that the release date for iFanboy the video podcast is changing. New episodes will now premiere every Saturday, both here and at Revision3.com.

2) If you’re in the New York City area we’ve got two live events in the month of September!

iFanboy will be guests on the Comic Book Club, the live on-stage comic book talk show put on by the good people at Pulp Secret — Alex, Justin, and Pete. It all happens on September 18th at The People’s Improv Theater at 8:00pm. Tickets are only $5! Come on down and enjoy 90 minutes of live comic book fun! Let’s pack the house with iFanboy Faithful!

The final week of September marks the 100th episode of iFanboy’s Pick of the Week Podcast! Come on down to Jim Hanley’s Universe on September 28th at 8pm to watch the show live, starting at 8pm! We’re still working out the details, but there should be a few special guests, some iFanboy swag, and hopefully, some good times. Join us after the taping for the after party at Stout!


  1. Sweet, the 100th episode, congrats guys, I’ve been around since the early 30’s, and I love hearing the convo every week. Great job. Wish I was going to be in NYC that week to join the party.

  2. Congrats guys! I might move to New York Ciy from Chicago just for the month of September

  3. I have just one question. Why the switch for the video show from Wednesday to Saturday?

  4. wish i could come down for the 100th episode extravaganza! have a great time and best of luck in september, here’s to a hundred more!

  5. 100 Sweet. Keep up the great work and keep having fun. That’s why the show is so great every week you guys make great picks and just have fun.

  6. 100th episode?!

    jeeeez…can there be an LA simulcast?

  7. Keep up the good work guys. I’ll even leave a v-mail on the 200th episode.

  8. Wow, 100 episodes. That is almost two years worth. That is a lot of comic book reading. A lot of hours put into sitting at your computer and talking about comics. Editing. Interviewing. Reading emails. Responding to emails. And maintaining the site. Ugh…thanks guys. That is a lot of work. Comics are a lot more fun with you and the community around.

  9. Will the cute Asian chick at JHU be serving cocktails?

  10. Indeed, congrats on 100 guys.

  11. Awesome guys, JHU is ten blocks from my job, see you there.

  12. Congratulations all around. I’ve been listening and posting to this site since the first time iFanboy put out a San Diego Video last year… you’ve come a long way, baby! Can’t wait to hear the live podcast from JHU. Tonight, for old time’s sake, I thought I would listen to the podcast I have here when the P.O.W. was Powers #14 (remember that?) What is really great to see is the growth of the community and the constant influx of new members that stick around to become senior members as yet more new members join.

    Why? Well, it MAY have something to do with the 3 guys that run this operation. Just sayin’.

  13. Congratulations on your 100th episode. You are the best comic book podcast there is. The other guys (Around Comics, Comic Insider News) seem to get off topic too much and talk about non-interesting non-comic related topics a lot. Too much banter, not enough info. They have huge ego’s I guess. iFanboy, on the other hand, is great, it’s down to the point, not too much banter, and the hosts are more down to earth and not full of themselves.

    Congrats and hope you have hundreds more!

  14. Sat. at 2pm CST no video show up yet?

    I’m sad.

  15. Stay Tuned – should be a few more hours…

  16. comic book club used to film these shows and put them online, but they havent in a while. could you use some of your influence to get this online? im a big fan of both shows, but just cant make it. any help?

  17. i definatly show up to hanleys for the 100 podcast. I hope i can go to the afterparty.

  18. Going to be there with bells on!!! Congrats!

  19. Awesome job guys. Keep up the great work!! Checked out the show at the Comic Book Club. It was cool. Can’t wait for the 100th!

  20. I’m coming as well.

  21. Where do u get the 25 percent off from hanley?

  22. Congratz guys! I’ll so be there!

  23. iFanboys,

    I just wanted to say happy 100th podcast. I don’t think Hallmark makes a card for that yet. I can’t remember when I started listening, but I know that the show(s) and the site have enriched my comics reading for a good long while and I look forward to it as much as I do my regular TV shows.

    Keep this up and you might get promoted to iFanmen!

  24. See you guys tonight!