iFanboy Mobile Has Arrived On Your Phone

One of the most requested things from you, the iFanbase, has been the ability to access iFanboy from your mobile phone of choice.  We definitely agreed with you and have been hard at work over the past few months on a mobile version of the site.  We’re pleased to announce today that the wait is over!  http://m.ifanboy.com has arrived!

So power up your iPhone, G1, or whatever phone you use and check it out.  On m.ifanboy.com you can log in to your account, pull comics for your pull list, review your pull list (handy for taking it to the store on Wednesdays), read articles and comment on them, and you can even watch or listen to the iFanboy podcasts!  It truly is pocket-sized iFanboy!

A big thanks to our guy behind the scenes, Dave Wiese, who worked to create this version of the site that is optimized for mobile phones.  This is the first stab at mobile for iFanboy, and I know a lot of you would like to see a native iPhone app, as well as other features.  So would we! We’re going to keep working on those, but right now we’re pretty stoked to have m.ifanboy.com and hope you are too.  Please keep your feedback coming to us either in the comments below or by emailing contact@ifanboy.com and let us know what you think of the mobile version of the site. 


  1. Awesome, this is fantastic news. Now I can easily just pull up my pull list while in the shop and not worry about remembering it, or printing it out and carrying it with me. This is something I’ve been wanting for a while 🙂

     I’ll be giving it a test drive later today (or tomorrow, whenever I have time) when I go to my comic shop. On first look though, it looks nice. Really slick and easy to read/navigate. Good job, guys! 

  2. New Comic Day is a great day to make this announcement. "Here! Here’s your pull list. Go nuts."

  3. Just in time for me to get a 3GS, after I finish up a few apps and get a handle on iphone dev maybe I can pitch in with an actual iphone app

  4. OMG finally…thank you.

  5. Awesome!  Well done, guys.  Keep up the good work.

  6. Nice job guys, I usually have the site pulled up on the phone but this makes it so much easier. My show of appreciation is finally became an offical member today after months of saying “I will do it when I get home” or “next pay period”. Basically I’m saying I’m slack.

  7. This is really cool, I can even pull this up on my ipod touch before leaving and have my pull list when I get there. Thanks for all your hard work, I think this might just make up for the death of the minis.

  8. NOYCE!

  9. looks sexay!

  10. Great job to the web developer! Thanks for all of your had work, guys!

  11. Awesome. Ifanboy, don’t leave home without it.

  12. Single greatest thing you guys have done since the new redesign. Myself and my frustration and trying to login on my iPhone thank you for this. 

    Seriously trying to login so I could have my pull list with me when I went to the store was so hard. I’d constantly hit the logo and refresh the homepage instead of hit the login button. Excellent job and kudos to your code monkeys.

  13. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and my day has been made

  14. Oh crud now I HAVE to get an Iphone 3GS

  15. I’m Writing this on my iPhone and the site looks great!

  16. I am commenting from the bus!

    (Now where is my flying car?)

  17. BTW, site even looks great on a Blackberry for us “business types.”

  18. A little over a week untill the new iPhone, this makes it all the more worthwhile! I can’t wait!

  19. perfect timing! just got my iphone!

  20. Will this support rotarty phones?

  21. Nice! I previously had my pull list bookmarked.

  22. This here is some great work. One of the most functional website for cell phone.

    there should be an option for some larger text though.

    Again nice job.

  23. iFanboy is so great that it’s already on the 3GS

  24. omg look at how small and cute they are on my iPhone! So when I say I have Ron in my pants, that would be technically correct?

  25. Amazing guys. Just one thing, its a bit too easy to hit the wrong star when rating the comics in your pull list.

  26. Is it not working for anyone else? On my computer and my BlackBerry Storm the link just has to top header saying "home" and nothing else.

  27. @ButchCassidy I’m having the same problem on my Blackberry Bold, might be that theyre just working out the kinks at the moment.

  28. Thanks Tex… at least it’s not just me 🙂

  29. Mind=blown

  30. Totally awesome! iFanboy in my pocket! Life is officially now awesome.

  31. Blackberry folks – admittedly we haven’t done full testing on Blackberries, rather on iPhones and G1s, (mainly because none of us have or use a Blackberry).

     That said, we’ll see what we can do about getting our hands on one and see where the kinks are and how we can work them out…thanks for your patience


  32. This just made my day. A+ guys.

  33. Creepy.

  34. @ButchCassidy – You’d think I could do better for a fellow Canadian company, I’ll take a look.  Thanks for the heads-up.

  35. I was seriously talking to a friend of mine and planning out creating an iFanboy app last night. CRAZY.

  36. iFanboy: Kickin’ ass every single day.  Congrats guys.  This is very, very dope. 

    I’m going to go tool around with this on my iPod.  Now, if only I could get my hands on one of those new fangled iPhones!

  37. Fuggin sweet!

  38. Wow, I watched the full video podcast on my phone.  Wacky

  39. This is fantastic. Don’t have an iphone or blackberry but is I did I would totally use this. Well done guys!

  40. Holy being able to post from my G1 Batman! Only been about 6 months of waiting. :P. The site looks great good job Dave! One of the fastest sites on my phone.

  41. you guys continue to impress me, stamping firmly "Best comicbook site on the planet!!!!" Spreading the ifanboy word just got a little more easy!!

  42. Not to be a dick or anything but please, for the love of God, shut up about the iPhone already.  Really, just … ARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

    Okay, so I AM being a dick about it. There’s dozens of good smartphones out there.  You don’t hear me going OMG!!!! Now I NEEEEED an shiny new "the S is for ‘speed’" iPhone! 

    There’s enough Apple fanboy behavior out there. The web is filthy with it. Please don’t bring it here.  This place is for Geoff Johns fanboys or Jimmy Cheung fanboys or Adam Warren fanboys (okay, that’s probably just me. Sorry, Adam). Just leave the Apple BJs at the door. 


    mandatory positive ending to otherwise unpleasant post:

    Gosh, that Unwritten book was real nice. I’m on board, Mr. Carey. 🙂

  43. Sweet!! Totally made my day when I got to the comic shop, opened my pull list and saw the moblie site. iFanboy just made my iPhone that much better. Thank you!

  44. no more emailing my pull list to have it at my LCS (Midtown Comics, NYC)

  45. @ButchCassidy/@Tex – Can you please try it again on your Storm and Bold?  I think I’ve fixed the problem but I don’t have a way to test it to make sure.

  46. That is awesome.  This will make it much easier.  I had been using iFanboy on my Blackberry but I had to go about it by having an RSS reader (like Viigo) and then subscribing to the feed.  Not perfect but it got me by.

     But this solves all the problems. 🙂

  47. This is perfect. Clean, easy, and simple. You’ve given me something I didn’t know I needed, but now can’t live without. Ta!

  48. what’s a iphone?

  49. Awesome!! This is exactly what I was looking for.

  50. Still kinda creepy…

    Now I know my posts can be read by anyone everywhere…

  51. Awesome. I usually have my iFanboy pull-list open on my iPhone when I buy comics, so this is cool for me 🙂 Being able to POST from the phone will be very awesome. Great work, internet boffins!

  52. @dave The home screen certainly appears to be fixed on the Blackberry along with articles/ podcasts etc. The only problems I am now experiencing are to do with the Pull List, and This Weeks Comics sections. They appear like this:  http://bit.ly/5f2HJ

  53. This makes a big difference. Thank you.

  54. I’m laying in bed typing this on my iPod. It may be the most lazy and awesome thing I’ve ever done.

  55. Awesome! This totally made my day. (I’m writing this from my iPod, btw!)

  56. @Tex – Thanks for the screenshot, that’s a big help.  I’ll dig into it.

  57. I haven’t read any of the comments above above so, forgive me if others have already mentioned this: If you are using ifanboy mobile and you can afford it- Become an ifanboy member! I mean, what these guys are doing is amazingly fantastic. Let’s support them anyway we can.

  58. This is awesome!  I’ll add my 2 cents – if I wasn’t already a member this would DEFINITELY put me over the top!

  59. There’s a problem with it: the mobile version seems to be the default for me, but only in Epiphany 2.14.3 (using "gecko-1.8" backend). I’m using it under linux – Debian – the stable version, 4 upgraded to 5 but I’m not sure if it upgraded smoothly, kernel 2.6.18-6-686 , i686.

    My guess is that it does that because it thinks my browser is a phone – because of some website-visitors info-collection service, I deleted my User Agent, and it changed it to "Default Browser 0" it seems. I did that to distinguish my visits from the logs, because the built in ways to do that  in that service aren’t very good.

  60. @chlop – if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, there’s a link to the Standard View of the site, which will send you to the regular site, bypassing the mobile default

  61. Great appearance! Thanks guys! (oh, and sent from my iPhone.)

  62. @ron – Thanks. I saw that, but doing that every time my browser crashes or I clean my cookies is annoying. I don’t know if it does that every time I close my browser and open it again and if it does it when I restart as well – didn’t get the chance to check.

  63. Me loves me some iPhone!!

  64. @chlop – Could you please send me your User Agent string and I’ll investigate.

  65. @chlop – Perfect, thanks.

  66. 0.o

  67. damn, another mobile site that doesn’t work on my Samsung 🙁

  68. So sad. I logged on on my storm and it looks beutiful. However, tried to post and the submit button didn’t work. So sad. I will though continue to love being able to look at my books on my phone!

  69. Great work on making the site more mobile accessible.  I love the website, but every time I’ve tried to load the site on my blackberry in the past, it’s never loaded properly.  I just tried again to use the mobile site, but the web page still won’t load.  Just wanted to give you guys an update from the Blackberry crew.  Thank again for all the content.

  70. The site looks so hot on my iphone!

  71. I am having problems logging in on my iphone.  Is there something I’m not doing right.

  72. just got my iphone & very impressed y’all were several steps ahead–great job & thank you.

    one thing if it helps anyone else, the site defaulted to the m.* on first phone-visit; i clicked Standard View figuring i could toggle back with a Mobile View button or something, but then had to type in the m.* URL to get back to it; then it held, held my login, etc. just great, but FYI in case anyone else that minor confusion. awesome job, again.

  73. this is kind of aweseom.

  74. What happened to the mobile edition of this site? It appears to have disappeared with the recent site redesign and I really miss the mobile version for my phone pull lists, etc. Has his been covered somewhere already that I’ve missed?