iFanboy Hearts RSS

In a long overdue move, but one motivated by our ongoing desire to improve iFanboy and give you what you want: We’re pleased to announced that we now have an official, supported and working RSS feed.

So whether you use Google/IG or My.Yahoo.Com or any other news aggregator, you can pull in all the latest and greatest iFanboy posts by subscribing to:


If you don’t know what RSS is or how you can use it, check this out.

If you have any issues technical or otherwise, email us and let us know!


  1. Oh great, now I am not going to get anything done at work 🙂

  2. I could kiss you guys full on the lips.

    Well, actually I couldn’t. And wouldn’t. But I am really glad about the feed!

  3. Swanky!

  4. My work productivity will surely take a precipitous dive!

    Thanks, iFanboy.

  5. Ok, even after reading a bit of the wiki page I’m still kinda confused on RSS, XML, etc. But I’ve been hearing about it for a while. Can anyone explain to my dumb-ass, in lamens terms, what it is and/or how to use it?

    Sorry guys, I’m a douche.

  6. Here’s a link to a quicktime movie on RSS feeds. This one refers to them in safari but the same principal holds true for IE7 and firefox amoung others.


  7. ^^^^ Thanks to that hulking, marvel of a man above me (no gay jokes, please), I now know what in the hell RSS and it’s ilk is. Huh….how strange to meet nice people on a forum. A funny book forum, no less.