iFanboy Grab Bag: February 2006 Edition

Following the popularity of the Slow News Week weblog, we thought we’d try something similar here on a semi-regular basis.

Feel free to talk about whatever strikes your fancy. Whatever has popped into your pretty little head, either in general or at this very nanosecond.

Talk about whatever you want and if there’s anything useful in here, we can do a special weblog, or talk about it in the podcast. Here’s what I’m thinking about at the moment:

On tonight’s Lost, what the heck do these things mean?

Who does Tim Allen owe money to?

I love curling, and I don’t care who knows.

If I am alone in my thoughts and these do nothing for you, start posting!

This thread shall hereby support multiple discussions on multiple topics.

So says DOOM!


  1. Did anyone see this?

    Hulk star fights real-life crime


    Get pulled over for speeding in LA and it might mean, “HULK SMASH puny Honda Civic!!!”

  2. Serious question: are cops allowed to be deaf?

  3. I’m sure they can be deaf…if they work with the computers and not street.

  4. Or the sheriff of a small NJ town – like Sylvester Stallone in Copland!

  5. Last night I watched the episode of lost where Locke has the flasbacks about his dad and his liver. It was awfully sad. From here on out I will have to avoid this thread to avoid spoilers.

  6. That was a great episode.

  7. OK, here’s a few questions. 1) Frank Miller. How does a guy write a great comic — “Batman and Robin #2″…and follow it up with junk like “Batman and Robin #3?” Awful. He’s inconsistent, and not above criticism. Question #2: Why the love affair with Grant Morrison? He is the poster child for overrated. His early JLA scripts were OK at best. He’ll never touch Denny O’Neill in his prime. My proof? Those stacks of unsold 7 Soldier books at the local shop.

    As for curling, I too, love it. I was lucky enough to interview Team USA before they jetted to Italy. Go Team Fenson!

  8. 1) Batman and Robin #3 was actually quite better to #2, and in all fairness, All Star Batman and Robin is some of his BAD work. You should be asking how he writes ‘The Dark Knight Returns’, not Batman and Robin #2. I also believe you might carry some sort of bias for something that isn’t the main subject of the book, or is not blatanty obvious: The Black Canary plot was a little off beat, but it was a good little story and a unique take.

    2) Grant Morrison is actually a great writer. His early JLA still stands to overshine the current crappy JLA run, and stands to be a shining example of WHAT a JLA book should be. His current ‘All Star Superman’ takes us back to what Superman should be: Clumsy Clark Kent, and Extraordinary Superman. JLA: Earth 2 was a fun little read, and his New X-men run also took the X-men back to their roots. That’s bascially what he does: He takes characters back to their roots and puts them into situations that are appropriate to them. And the unsold stacks of Seven Soldiers? That’s simply because people don’t like the characters and properties, or your comic store isn’t populated by many fans of the book. It’s all a matter of personal preference.

  9. I’ve really enjoyed about 3/4 of Seven Soldiers. The other 1/4 has been not so good.

    I feel like that’s a good forumla for Morrison. 3/4 – good. 1/4 – not so good.

    I also have the opposite opinion of All Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder. I thought that #1 was so-so, #2 was terrible, and #3 was sublime.

  10. You know, I’ve stopped watching Lost. About halfway through the season, I found that no questions have been answered in the least – and we were promised they would be. Plus, it just keeps racking up on the “intense drama” crap to the point when I cannot emotionally invest anymore. You can only stab me in the heart a few times before I get up and walk away.

    The writers for Lost need to remember that humor helps the drama go down.

    I think it would be cool to be arrested by the Hulk. Maybe it’s just me…

    Frank Miller is best suited as an independant artist. He needs to stay away from the DC and Marvel Universe now.

    For Warren Ellis’ birthday, Joss Whedon made violent love to him on his website to the joy of fans everywhere. Scroll down and read; I skipped everyone else’s comment to save my sanity.

    Did you all watch the Valentine’s special of The Attack Of The Show?

    http://www.boingboing.net/images/2untitlednudes.jpg – I want to know what this is from.

    Oh, and for the record, I was turned down for graduate school yesterday.

  11. *raises hand* I have to be approved?

    I’m hurt.

  12. Toga, I can’t figure out what that means.

    As Far as Grant Morrison goes, I think you’ve got to take him with a grain of salt. I think what happens is, he shoots for the moon, and when you take that many shots, you miss, fairly regularly.

    I would say Conor’s ratio is a bit high on the quality side, but it’s important to note that when it’s good, it’s among the best. When it’s bad, it’s just strange. Another thing about Morrison that I’ve seen over and over is his ability to start a really good story, with a really good concept, and then he sometimes has trouble with endings. JLA is a really great way to get to know Grant Morrison. I would also recommened Marvel Boy, which has incredible art as well. A lot of people liked the Invisibles, but I never got into it. He’s hit or miss I think.

    As far as Frank Miller. After Dark Knight Returns and 300, he can do whatever he wants. 300 still blows me away. It’s beautiful.

  13. I made a nice long post. And when I click the “POST” button at the bottom of the page, it said my post needed to be approved before being displayed.

  14. Toga – for some reason it flagged your post as requiring approval, which is odd, because we don’t require approvals (could have been the HTML use…I’ll look into this)

    I went in and approved it though, so everyone else, disregard these messages, and scroll up and read Toga’s post

  15. I just bought the 3rd Morrison Doom Patrol trade and I kind of felt let down. The first 2 are awesome. Perfect examples of the “out there” stuff that Morrison does the best. However the 3rd one just keeps on going to the moon, like Josh said, and doesn’t stop. Too much weirdness, to the point where it stops making sense. Kind of how I felt about the Invisibles.

    I’m waiting for 7 Soliders to be collected completely. I think the way they’re doing it is odd, but I guess it doesn’t matter. I liked the first few issues, but then figured it would work much better collected.

    That being said, Grant Morrison doing hairy chested love god Batman sounds great to me.

  16. I’m totally going to give Morrison’s WildCATS a shot. But if it gets weird and hasn’t made me happy for a few issues, I’m gone.

    Sorry about grad school. In a completely unrelated similarity, I can’t find a comic book artist to work with me to save my life. And it can’t be the writing, because no one has read it yet!

    I’m pretty sure that last picture must have had something needing approval, cuz I’m not sure I would have….;-)

  17. “http://www.boingboing.net/images/2untitlednudes.jpg – I want to know what this is from.”

    That’s a still from Josh’s senior video project in college.

  18. So…since this is kind of a slow topic again, POST-Toga’s image…

    I figured I’d show off a picture I recently drew. Many of you will recognize it, and I thought it was a great idea for a picture.

    Kid Flash – After The Crisis

  19. Here’s my overall point on Batman and Robin #3– I paid good money to read a rip-roaring adventure about Batman and Robin, not page after page of tired bar-scene tough-chick Black Canary. It was bad, and I felt ripped off. That’s all. Miller will probably be great the rest of the way, but when these books are so expensive you just want the best value for your money. I felt he was mailing it in, extending that Canary stuff for far too long. Kind of like Robert Jordan extending the Wheel Of Time books without good reason.

    Grant Morrison. I have every issue of JLA, including his run. Over. Rated. My biggest complaint is that he makes things so obtuse and so convoluted, you can’t even understand what the hell is going on. That ticks me off. Grant, just tell a simple story for once. Make me care about your characters. Perhaps you can chat with Kevin Smith to see how that’s done.

  20. Hey Doug, I think it was Conor that helped me with Batman & Robin in one of the iPod casts (which is why everyone should listen to them – not that I’m saying you’re not; I was doing a plug for the site, you see, though you’re here already – oh, never mind).

    Miller’s writing Sin City in the Batverse. That’s all. It’s SC all over again. Once you think that, you won’t be so put off by it.

    And spidermav, quit blaming me for thread death. I’m not responsible. I swear – and I didn’t even bring up porn this time! Though that picture is somewhat questionable in that area – I mean, arena. Heh.

    Josh, um, it’s probably better to get a deal with a publisher first. OR, you’ve got to soliciate artists if they’ll read your script. Sometimes, on the convention floor isn’t the best place for the pitch.

    WildCATS? Is it back?

  21. WildCATS is coming back. From what I hear. Morrison writing, Jim Lee drawing. Not sure when.

    Doug, it sounds to me like you just don’t like Morrison’s style. And that’s fair, but I think I see it a little differently.

    Kevin Smith…well, when he gets his comics done, they’re pretty good, but if a man can’t live up to his committments, I lose patience with them very fast.

    As far as getting an artist, I’ve heard over and over that it’s very hard to get a script read by anyone, so if you can hand a comic to someone, then you’re better off already. It shows that you can write for the medium, and it’s just an easier thing for them to read. That also gives me the option of self publishing.

  22. The best thing Grant Morrison ever wrote was Animal Man. It’s so good, and when he goes all meta toward the end of the run, it’s pretty much some of the most profound stuff I’ve ever read in comics. Oh, and it’s all perfectly comprehensible and fun to read the whole way through…which for Morrison is pretty rare.

    His whole Animal Man run is contained in three trades, so it’s very affordable. Go get ’em!

    And oh boy, I know I didn’t just read that Grant should ask Kevin Smith for something other than hoodies, did I?

  23. Man, I do hate to say it, but Kevin Smith has just dropped heavily in my estimation over the years. I defended him for a long time, but it’s been a long time since I was excited about seeing his name.

  24. I have the same reaction to Kevin Smith. Somewhere around 24/25 I kind of got over his act. He writes good comics (usually – and when they come out) but I no longer buy anything and everything he writes. I consider buying him, sure, but it’s not automtic anymore.

    As for his films… I have no interest in Jersey Girl or the sequel to Clerks.

    He was really important in my entertainment life from about 18 to 23ish. And that’s a pretty good run.

  25. See, I liked Jersey Girl. Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m probably the only one, but he was taking a risk. The fact that he’s backpedalling to Jerseyverse again makes me sad.

  26. I actually didn’t mind Jersey Girl. It was what it was. Cute little story.

  27. Exactly! I thought for breaking away from what’ he’s done, Kevin did fairly well.