iFanboy Events: Geoff Johns and Emerald City Comic Con

If you’re on either coast, iFanboy’s got some big plans.

First up, Josh and Conor will be at Jim Hanley’s Universe in Manhattan on Wednesday April 1, where superstar DC writer Geoff Johns will be appearing at a special event, on the same day as the release of The Flash: Rebirth. Here’s the official story:

Next week is the BIG ONE! Not a hoax! Not an imaginary tale! Not an April Fool’s prank! Signing at JHU NYC on WEDNESDAY, April 1st will be none other than DCU Architect, writer of the new THE FLASH: REBIRTH mini series,  GEOFF JOHNS! DO NOT MISS THIS EVENT! We are doing something special with Geoff for all of you that can’t get to convention panels like DC Nation… we’re holding a panel with him in the JHU Underground to be moderated by Josh Flanagan of iFanboy.com! How do you get to see this panel? You have to purchase THE FLASH: REBIRTH! Once you do, you get a ticket! 50 lucky fans will be chosen at random to join Josh and Geoff in the Underground! So be sure to get here bright and early (we open at 8:30 AM on April 1st) and be sure to get here before 5:00 PM for the drawing! This is a JHU Exclusive Event! Do Not Miss It!


As it says, there are a limited number of seats, so get to the store early to get a chance to be in on the action. If you don’t get to make it, you don’t need to fret either, because we’d be fools not to shoot the event. It’s all at Jim Hanley’s Universe at 4 W. 33rd St., in New York City. We hope to see you there.


Of course, that’s not all, because the following weekend, in Seattle, you can find Ron and Gordon the Intern at the Emerald City Comic Con on April 4 and 5. You might remember the show we did from Seattle last year. Well, that was a great time, so we’re going back. The talent lineup for this show is absurdly good, since so much of the comic community calls the Pacific Northwest home. As always, if you’re on the convention floor, walk up, say hi, get to know us!

If you’re around Saturday night, there will be a little get together at Kell’s at 7PM. Come by, have some drinks, possibly a snack, and relax with Ron and Gordon.

We’re excited, and we hope you’re excited too! We’ll be shooting lots of video in both places for those of you stuck in the rest of the world, because we can’t leave you out!



  1. That sounds great, guys. I’ll be at the Emerald City Con, and I’d love to head out to the bar afterwards. Just got to run it by the girlfriend first…

  2. I’ll be at ECCC, but won’t be able to do the bar trip. =[

    I’ll definitely see you there, though!

  3. IF I can scrounge up the money… I MIGHT be inside the Con BUT… because I’m moving within the city this month I may not, what with the budget being spent on renting a Uhaul, boxes, mex-erm I mean… helpers etc etc. I’ll definetly try for the bar though. (flies escapes the wallet) I did email offering up to volunteer at the con too but it looks like they are all volunteered up.

  4. I will be at the Comicon adn I do love me so booze. May show up

  5. nice I’ll be there

  6. Hrmm. 1) I hate being up before 10 am, 2) I’m not a big fan of JHU. While I would love to see Geoff, I just can’t justify having to go a store that is not convenient for me twice in one day, especially when I’m not guarnteed anything upon my second visit. What to do, what to do.

  7. Well, look at that. It just so happens I’ll be in NYC next week. JHU was my shop of choice when I did live in New York, so I will be there for sure!

  8. See you at ECCC!

  9. Damn, that is an impressive line-up of creators!!  I’m jealous. 🙁

  10. I would not be safe around Geoff Johns.  Upon seeing him, I may just fall to my knees and pronounce how unworthy I am to be in his presence.  It’s a good thing I live in Missouri.

  11. See you at JHU, I wonder if Vito or Geoff will choose the 50 people like the aliens chose Richard Dreyfuss at the end of Close Encounters.  Will red jumpsiuts and shades be made available?

  12. Nice! Really looking forward to the video that comes from these shindigs.

  13. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Ahh, I was trying, but I can’t make it up there for the Geoff Johns panel.  Have a good time!  

  14. fuck yea. I may skip work and take the train into the city. 

  15. Going to be another good year at ECCC.  Should be able to make it to Kell’s on Saturday too.

  16. I’ll be at ECCC, it will be nice to meet some of you! If Kells is near to the Hostel I am staying at, I can probably pop by for a bit. 

  17. I would not be safe around Geoff Johns.  Upon seeing him, I may just fall to my knees and pronounce how unworthy I am to be in his presence.  It’s a good thing I live in Missouri.

    Posted by Neb on 03/25/09 at 05:28 PM

    I’m fairly certain I would have this same reaction.

  18. Its stuff like this that makes me wish I lived in NYC!

  19. Am I the only one a little worried that Flash: Rebirth comes out on April Fool’s Day?

  20. I can’t guarantee anyone entry into the event.  As the release says, it’s a lottery for the available spaces, so please keep that in mind, yes?

    I can probably get Conor in, sure, but you get my point.

  21. Will the GJ event be video taped?

  22. Gah I wanna go to the Geoff Johns. Worst part is I live like 10 blocks from that store but I have work!!! I hope I can get off…. =(

  23. I’ve always wanted to ‘Relax with Ron and Gordon’

  24. WHAT!! ok im going to have speak to beg Vito. how can i miss a ifanboy JHU even!

  25. @AMuldowney – he’s taking that date back.

    @jstump & @Neb – to me it seems more natural to have a "who are all this guys I never see here doing in my LCS", but that’s just me

  26. See you at the bar in Seattle good sirs. 

  27. I’ll be at ECCC, for sure this year.  I just moved here from San Francisco, missed WonderCon heaps, so I need my fix.

    Hope to meet  Ron and Gordon and I just might show up for a drinkie-poo.

  28. @Chlop all I’m saying is I’m not coming out of my bunker until I’m 100 percent sure this isn’t an elaborate sham to launch Golden Glider as the new Flash. 

  29. It would be nice if this was an Ifanboy member exclusive.   I am tempted to go, but I’m not sure i want to take the trip if its only by lottery amongst who knows how many people.  Good luck to anyone that does go from this site.

  30. I’ll most definitely be dropping by for drinks!  I’m going to get drunk and make a big scene about Cerebus or something equally geeky.

  31. I’m pissed i can’t get to the Geoff Johns thing today, i work 2 blocks away and can’t be there at 5.  Josh, please ask him about the Green Lantern reference in Big Bang Theory this week.

  32. I should be able to meet at Kell’s on Saturday and I’ll be at the con on Sunday. HHHMMM Beer!

  33. I’m coming to the ECCC on Saturday! This will be my very first convention. I’m trying to figure out what to bring right now — a book bag with food, water, and what else should I bring? Any suggestions from those who’ve done this before?

    I’ll be wearing my iFanboy Members t-shirt!  (The clothing of choice for the well-to-do comic geeks.) 

    And I’m go to Kell’s afterwards to. 


  34. @powerdad – the ifanboys did sort of a what to bring in some audio podcasts I think and in a video show of some convention. If I remember correctly some of it – comfortable shoes, deodorant, liquid hand cleanser, a cream for chafing, a sketch book – there was a video show about sketches, clothes suitable to the climate I guess, and can’t remember if there was something else. Money of course and some way of it not getting stolen, a place to put whatever you buy, a place with some nice carpeting (?) to rest in, patience, niceness. If I remember correctly – people will bump into you a lot, more so in some areas than others – like the t-shirt booth. A watch so you won’t miss a panel?

  35. Oh! A temporary job helping to renovate an office taught me that to avoid chafing you need big underwear. XXL – it needs to still feel good but cover the part of the thighs that usually get chafed. And lots of water.

  36. @chlop, thanks for the comments, and you’re correct there was a show on this. (Oops, I forgot.) I saw your post after I attended, but luckily I had pretty much what I needed. 

    Oh and I had a great time!  I really wasn’t ready for the rush you get when you realize that the writer or artist on a comic you read is sitting right there in front of you, and in many cases ready for a little chit-chat.  In most cases I just said I liked their work (always trying to be specific). Everyone was really cool, and very nice.

    Gene Ha and Tony Harris were big contact moments for me. (It was fun being able to spot Bendis from a distance, but I didn’t want to wait in any lines.)

    I had a nice talk with Christos Gage, even though I really hadn’t read his work.  I felt a little bad at first about this, but I mentioned I heard really good things about his G.I. Joe work so far, and he was very nice.

    Franco and Art Baltazar were very personable and funny guys. I got a couple sketches from them for my daughter. Also, Art has an iFanboy sticker inside his drawing supply case. (I got a photo.)

    And it was good to meet Ron, Gordon, and everyone else at Kell’s.

    Overall it was a great first convention. Anyone else who hasn’t gone to one of these, and likes the iFanboy podcast (or the site) should really give it a go. There was a lot of good will, and every other person is dressed as a Ghostbuster, or Darth Vader, or Green Lantern. The Batman family were great.  (http://www.seattlepi.com/ae/popupV2.asp?SubID=4740&page=1&GTitle=Emerald%20City%20ComiCon&pubdate=4/4/2009)

    -jeff (powerdad)