iFanboy ‘Pick of the Week Podcast’ Episode 100 Live Show and Party Recap

The show is in the can, and the party is done. Well, it might still be going on, but someone’s gotta tell you about it.

We recorded our 100th Pick of the Week Podcast live at Jim Hanley’s Universe in Manhattan, and had a great turnout. After, we headed over to local bar, Stout, and made with the merriment and chats and such.

You want more pictures?

We want to give a huge thank you to everyone working at Jim Hanley’s, and a huger thank you to all the folks who came out.

We got to meet tons of folks, and it was a great time. It was mostly standing room only in the store, and this was probably the biggest crowd we’ve ever done a show in front it. I’ll be honest, it may have freaked us out a bit. But there was a show to do, and dammit, a show was done!

Look for it this Sunday per usual. Chances are looking pretty good for a video version as well.

I hope everyone had as much fun as we did. You all make us feel so good about doing the show, and we keep meeting great people every time we get together. If you didn’t get to make it to the show, don’t worry, because I’m sure we’ll do more.


  1. That’s me in the canary yellow oxford shirt and green Decemberists tee (represent!) Looking quite haggard and oddly lacking in pupils. Fred had already tricked me out of my soul at that point.

    It was a great time. Thanks, guys!

  2. I’m sad that I had to miss this.
    Lily told me she was like, the only girl there. And yet I don’t see her, but I see other girls.

  3. Sweet i was there too…..though i didn’t show up in any of the pictures. Anyway it was fun as hell and it was cool to meet you guys and cant wait for the 200th ep. Oh and Ron sorry bout the Mets dude. im pissed too.

  4. And that’s me in the whit shirt and tie (I came from work) standing next to Conor.

    It was a great show and after-party, guys. I hope you do more of them.

  5. There were several girls there actually. Do we know who the girl was with the little web-cam looking device?

  6. She was the first girl with a webcam that I’ve ever met that wasn’t trying to friend me on myspace.

  7. That was Sarah Meyers of http://www.sarahmeyers.net. She’s a lifecaster, and we met her at Comic Book Club.

  8. Hahaha.
    I had to look twice to find Hunter.

  9. The pics are great except w/ the glowing red eyes you all looked possessed by Satan.


  10. Thanks for the fun guys, the 100th episode and the after party were awesome. Thats me in the brown shirt next to Ron, apparently I forgot how to smile. Looking foward to the next one. I just put the first season of The West Wing into my queue Josh, looking foward to that as well.

  11. Don’t forget you can still use that 100th Episode coupon!


  12. Thanks for the coupons, Vito. You guys were great hosts.