iFanboy.com Server Upgrade – PLANNED OUTAGE (UPDATED)

UPDATE! If you can see this message, it means you are on the new server! Enjoy! There may be a few bugs, so bear with us

UPDATE! The site will be going down around 10 PM tonite. Hopefully you’re all out Christmas shopping, or on a date, or something other than wanting to talk comics. It’s Friday night! Me? I’ll be pulling levers and pulleys to get this site better for you come Sunday!!

As everyone has probably noticed, we’ve had some server issues this week and the site has been up and down for hours at a time. Well, it’s been a rough week, but we are proud to announce that we have gotten ourselves a server upgrade and now will be hosted on a much more stable (and hopefully) faster environment. Thanks to everyone who has donated to iFanboy, as your dollars have helped make this a reality.

We’re preparing to switch over to the new server this weekend, so the site will be down for possibly 24-48 hours. We have done our best to schedule this over the weekend when we have the least amount of traffic, but those of you who visit on the weekend, we wanted to give you advanced warning. Our goal is to have the new server up and running and working correctly by the time the new podcast episode will be published on Sunday evening around 8 PM EST or so.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email us at contact [at] ifanboy [dot] com. Thanks.
I usually close these threads to comments, but I figure Fred or The Dude may have a snarky comment and that it would make us laugh, so go to town…


  1. server upgrade! yay!

  2. wow that was quick

  3. yes it was…although it may take some time for everyone to see it

  4. See what?
    The remeber personal info thing changed is that it? Now lets see if it works

  5. yay it does

  6. new server’s awesome

    wicked fast

    way to go guys

    and it’s only forgotten my info once

  7. ooooo its fast too awesome, it is christmas morning