iFanboy.com Hits the Kindle!

Have you ever thought to yourself, “hey there’s all kinds of great things going on at iFanboy.com all day long but I’m always out and about – I wish I could take it with me?”  Well, if you have a Kindle, now you can!

iFanboy.com is now available for monthly subscription on the Kindle!

For the low, low price of $1.99 a month, you can have iFanboy.com wirelessly update throughout the day straight to your Kindle.  Now you can take iFanboy.com with you wherever you go!  Don’t miss out on the latest column or random goofy bit of comic book news just because you’re at the park!  Wish you could read the long discussion on Star Trek or X-Men Origins: Wolverine while you’re on the subway?  Now you can!

Step into the future my friend, there are cookies!


  1. sweet but where is the iphone/ipod touch app? I would so buy it for the same exact price guys. lets make this happen. I know Josh would like it.

  2. Can’t you just use the iphone internet

  3. @Gabe, iFanboy doesn’t look all that great on the iPhone actually

  4. Can we make the kindle read the comments, or did you disable it because you plan to release an audiobook?

  5. @RoiVampire regarding an iphone app — then they wouldn’t be able to charge 1.99 a month.

  6. A mobile (and free) version of the site has been in development for a while, but ended up being a bit tricky, and is taking longer than any of us would like.  I myself would love it, yes.

  7. I would gladly pay for an iPhone app that would allow me to bring my iFanboy list to the store. There must be someone in the iFanbase that would like to help you out with the coding.

  8. Well, hello Mr. Fancypants!

  9. Heres a question can we still do the comments section with the kindle

  10. @TacoKid; To be clear, we’re not charging $1.99 a month – that’s all Amazon. Unless we acquired Amazon this morning, which I guess is posible since I haven’t checked my e-mail yet.

  11. @conor.. you better check your email just in case lol.

     Great news by the way. Awesome to see your on the Kindle.   I’ll keep my fingers crossed for an iphone app in the future… Just a way of keeping track of pull lists would be worth it.

  12. I’m down for the iPhone iPod touch idea

  13. For the time being, if you bookmark this on your iphone:


    It loads quickly and easily every time.  Since it’s just text, it works great.

  14. add me on the list of "Would buy an iPhone/iPod Touch app". Yes, we can just go to the web page, but it’s difficult to manuver around the whole site…there’s just SO much content! 🙂

    It’s a community that might appreciate this feature that aren’t already in the iFanbase.

  15. The new Kindle is still only Black and White right?


  16. Yeah i can go to the site but it’s difficult to view the new books and pull them without backing up so much that i can’t really read the titles much less rating books. i would love it if an app made this easier

  17. @Josh~  Thanks for the tip on the URL.  That’s really convienient, especially because I always forget to buy something.

  18. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    I like the fact that Amazon is using a screenshot of the website that includes a picture of a dude with a broken, bloody nose smoking a cigarette.  It makes me wonder if that’s going to help or hurt.  Or, you know, make no difference at all.

  19. Hey the question no one’s asking is how did this come about?

  20. I would like the app as well. I have an Itouch not phone so I only have wifi which means no pulling it up in most stores. I will say the site does look good when I can get it though. The only nitpick I have is that I have to zoom in pretty far to sign in instead of clicking on the banner.

  21. I’m going to give the Kindle trial a shot. Now I can read all the stuff I miss on the subway.

  22. Yeah, throw together a portable app for the Iphone. 

    Don’t do the website thing though.

    Create an app that downloads 3 lists, next weeks, last weeks and this weeks. It allows you to make a pull list and updates your pulllist to notify you when something is being released. Allow another watchlist that will notify you when specific creators are releasing a book and such and then charge 1.99 to download.

    or some other pipedream that I’ve wrought from my disturbed mind. 🙂 

  23. Wish I could edit, the main goal of the app not being the sale price or functionality, but the link that would be on the main page and about page to Ifanboy.com and a subscription link to the podcasts.