iFanboy at WonderCon 2011 – Parties, Panels, and More!


Tickets for seats on the Bus for the Walking Dead Bar Crawl with Robert Kirkman ARE SOLD OUT.  

But that doesn't mean you can't partake in the fun! Thanks to the fine folks at Image Comics, below is the OFFICIAL Walking Dead Zombie Bar Crawl Route Map and Schedule.  So everyone can join us as we tear through San Francisco the only way Zombie's can! Make sure you enlarge it and print it out to carry with you or you can swing by the Image Comics booth at Wonder Con to pick up a copy!

Please drink responsibly, and since some of these spots are spread out, we suggest taking cabs.  See you at Shine tomorrow at 7 PM!

If you're planning on attending, be sure to RSVP on Facebook!

The official Walking Dead Apocalyptic Bar Crawl Map: (Click to enlarge)




Comic book convention season is rolling on and on… and on… and iFanboy will be there to cover the third big convention of 2011. We're headed to WonderCon in San Francisco, CA from April 1-3!

This year promises to be memorable. We'll be hunting down interviews and having fun all weekend, so you can look for a video show before too long. If you're at the show, please do not hesitate to say hi to us!

But if you don't run into us on the floor, we expect to see as much of the iFanbase as possible at any or all of the following events, that you will not want to miss:

On Friday April 1 we've got one panel for you:

7:00-8:00 Digital Comics Smackdown – Digital comics are heating up. Competition is getting fierce. A panel of the best and brightest in the new wave of digital comics engage in a wide-ranging discussion of everything from comics on the iPad, iPhone, and PC to how digital comics fit into the brick and mortar marketplace. This is your one-stop panel for all the latest digital comics news! Panelists include David Steinberger (CEO of comiXology), Micah Baldwin (CEO of Graphic.ly), Michael Murphey (CEO of iVerse). Moderated by Chip Mosher (marketing director, BOOM! Studios). Room 220 

And then the fun begins! On Friday April 1 at 7:00pm, it's The Walking Dead Zombie Bar Crawl with Robert Kirkman!

What: The Walking Dead Zombie Bar Crawl with Robert Kirkman
When: April 1, 2011 – 7 PM to 2 AM
Where: TBD – The crawl route and bar locations will be revealed here on 3/31.

As you may remember, for the past few years we've teamed up with our pals at Isotope Comics to give you the finest bar crawl comics has to offer.  This year we're taking it up notch!

Not only are we going to be crawling with Robert Kirkman(!), but we're encouraging everyone to get fully ZOMBIFIED for this bar crawl.  Show up in your best zombie gear and make up and freak San Francisco out!

But it doesn't stop there!  There will be a LIMITED number of tickets sold for YOU (yes, you!) to get a seat on the Walking Dead Zombie Bar Crawl Bus!  We've chartered the amazing MAGIC BUS (www.magicbussf.com) to take us from bar to bar along with Robert Kirkman and we thought it would be rad to bring some of you along!

How can you get a seat on the bus?  Tickets go on sale on March 30th at 3 PM Eastern / Noon Pacific.  Tickets cost $50.00 and there is a VERY SMALL number of tickets available.

We will be posting the link to buy tickets here on Wednesday, March 30th, so if you want to get your seat on the bus, be sure to come RIGHT HERE around 2:45 ET / 11:45 PT and start hitting refresh until the link is posted! We're expecting tickets to sell out very quickly, so be quick with your mouse finger!

What if you don't get a ticket for the bus? Not to worry! If you're attending Wonder Con, there will be another chance to win a ticket for you and a friend by visiting the Image Comics booth #401. All purchases made there on Friday April 1st will enter fans in a ticket raffle. Robert Kirkman will draw the winning raffle number there at the Image Comics booth #401 at 4:30 pm.

And lastly, we'll be posting the Bar Crawl route here on Thursday, March 31, so for those of you not on the bus, can plan ahead to join us at some of the best bars in San Francisco!  Be sure to come back here to get your hands on the route and be ready for Zombie filled Friday night with Robert Kirkman! The route will also be available at Isotope Comics and the Image Comics booth at Wonder Con for those in San Francisco.

Those partaking in the bar crawl will be getting the ultra handy Walking Dead Zombie Bar Crawl Survival, Evasion and Escape guide, brought to you by Isotope Comics.  This handy guide will show you where to go to avoid zombies and get adult beverages, as well as works as a great souvenir to get signed by Robert Kirkman!

This will be a night long remembered by comics fans and the city of San Francisco. Walking Dead fans will NOT want to miss out on this once in a lifetime event! 

On Saturday April 2 we've got another panel for you:

6:00-7:00 iFanboy vs. Comics Alliance – Two of the leading comics media sites meet at WonderCon for the battle for ultimate comics supremacy. Watch as these comics pundits battle it out in a variety of challenges, ranging from their coverage of comics to opinions of comics and creators, and maybe even some trivia and chances for prizes for the attending audience members! Moderated by Ryan Penagos of Marvel Comics and featuring from iFanboy, Ron Richards, Conor Kilpatrick, and Mike Romo, and from Comics Alliance Laura Hudson, Andy Khouri, Caleb Goellner, and David Brothers. You don't want to miss this battle of the comics media titans! Room 236

The fun doesn't stop there!


On Saturday April 2, there will be another Saturday night party at Isotope featuring Frank Quitely, in a rare United States appearance at a comic book store!  Ron Richards, Conor Kilpatrick, Mike Romo, and the whole iFanboy gang will be in attendence! Come to Isotope, meet some folks, have a drink, and hang out (if you're over 21).

It will be a weekend jam-packed with fun and more comics and creators than you can handle. We hope to see you there, and if we can't, we'll bring you back something good to see!

If you haven't before, check out iFanboy's 2007 coverage of WonderCon, featuring such gems as Conor being able to feel his socks, and drunken Civil War rants:




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Hopefully we'll see you there this year!


  1. This is sooo exciting!! Last year’s Dave Johnson pub crawl was amazing! This will be wonderful.

  2. This sounds awesome. So glad my one convention this year is wondercon.

  3. @AmirCat  haha… there was a point where Dave Johnson, me, Ryan Haupt, and Jon Stump were all trudging up a hill to get to the next bar, while everyone else took cabs. But we got some interesting stories, that’s for sure! 😉

  4. Loved that little Bagley interview in the 2008 WonderCon video, and I always enjoy seeing Rick Remender. And then that awkward James Robinson interview… I forgot about that.

  5. @daccampo Good times.

  6. Oh my god, look how skinny Ron was.

  7. Start at 7PM? Bit early no? Thats almost a full shift if you go till 2AM

  8. Whoa boy. That’s a heck of a lineup of events. Hope everyone has some good, safe fun!

  9. @LiquidSnake  Our bar crawls are not for amateurs.

  10. I feel like I should have had my liver in training for several months, I’m afraid my Scottish blood alone will not be enough. Really looking forward to this!

  11. I like picturing the idea of people at a bar seeing a bus load of zombies come in at 1am.

    Guy at bar turns to see stumbling (from drunkenness) zombies. “It’s official. I’m F-ed up.”

  12. @purplehulk

    You should compare Josh pre-baby to post-baby. It’s like a physical warning to not be a dad. 

  13. @Conor Very true, I am a lightweight amateur. I bow down

  14. Kirkman one night, and Quitely the next?? Hot damn this is going to be a fun weekend! Hangovers be damned!  

  15. @daccampo  We met last year. We had a designated driver last year. It was awesome. BTW ,we met last year. Hope to chat with you again.

  16. Sold out as I was placing my order. I call shennanigans!

  17. @AmirCat  I remember! You recognized me on sight, which was cool. 😀

  18. @jmstump  Dude, I refreshed the page, got an order button, click it, got a “sold out” button. So you got farther than me.

  19. @jmstump @daccampo – I say we get our own bus.

  20. @WonderAli  @daccampo and I were just talking about that. Only replace bus with taxi.

    Although I claim that all the cool kids stumble around a city on a pub crawl.

  21. @WonderAli  @jmstump  WonderTaxi!

  22. Hey gang. Tickets sold out in less than 1 minute. Amazing! I just confirmed & there’s no shenanigans, they were all legit fans.

    I’m sorry some of you couldn’t score tix but definitely come in the crawl as it will be a blast. The route us a bit spread out so you should plan for a taxi later in the eve. Tune in tomorrow for the route!

  23. I got as far as selecting the amount of tickets, and when I clicked submit got the sold out message. So close yet so far. Guess I’m hoofing it.

  24. Yep, that was a legitimate one minute sell-out! Faster than I expected, but I’m happy we weren’t like Comic Con and made people sit in front of the computer all day.

    I took a peek at the tickets sold and it’s 100% hardcore WALKING DEAD fans from the look of it, a couple names I definitely recognize. Northern California and a high percentage of folks from Oregon. Almost everyone who got tickets only got themselves a single ticket, so it looks like we’ll all be making lots of new friends!

    For those who didn’t get a ticket, there’s still hope, Image Comics will be giving out two passes at a WonderCon raffle. Details here are in this very thread.

    Also Ron and I will be posting up our public bar crawl map later tonight or tomorrow morning, so even if you can’t bus it, you can still come along. Can’t wait til Friday!

    – James 

  25. @jmstump @daccampo – WONDERTAXI! 

    Out of curiousity, how many people got shut-out?

  26. I’m curious about how many tickets there were that sold in that minute.  Was it 5 or 25 or whatever?

  27. @WonderAli  @jmstump  I’m down with WonderTaxi. I look forward to saying things like, “Driver! Follow that zombie bus!”

  28. Oh wow. I was mid-flight on my way to San Francisco when the tux went on sale but sounds like I’d have been out of luck anyway haha! Bit nervous about going on my own but I’m mostly excited, sounds like this is going to be epic!

  29. @LadyTartan  don’t be nervous! we’re a friendly bunch!

  30. REAL zombie don’t take the bus! They walk around from pub to pub!

  31. The route and schedule have been posted! Look above!

  32. I’ll be designated driver for my two buddies, but we’ll have room for a couple of people. This shoudl be the most fun ever!

  33. I’ve got my Zombie Costume ready and it’s iFanboy related!!!!

  34. Well, missed out on the bus. Probably not going to join the pub crawl – will maybe go to dinner with the comicgeekspeak crew on Friday.

    WILL HOWEVER likely try to come to the Isotope party on Saturday. Though my gf has a concert at 8pm, so maybe not – unless I can rope her into coming. How late are you going James?

  35. PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT Zeitgeist weather! Love it!

  36. @heylook  cool. Thanks for the information.

  37. @heylook  The Isotope party on saturday tends to run…late…hope to see ya there

  38. I love convention season!

  39. Went to the Quietly party on Saturday. Wow, my first iFanboy/Isotope event, and my first convention too. Was a little intimidated at first with all my favorite creators, plus Ron and Conner walking around. (I’ll work up the courage to say hello next time). However, at the urging of my friend, I did get to briefly sit on the couch and chat with Frank Quietly. What a cool down to earth dude. He even did a Batman sketch for me. Thank you iFanboy, what a great time!

  40. Had a great time at the bar crawl and got to meet Robert Kirkman, Conor, Mike, and Ron who are all extremely nice people.  @LadyTartan – Was very nice meeting you and had a great time hanging out Friday and Saturday.  Sorry I missed you the last day, hope you have a great flight.