iFanboy at San Diego Comic-Con 2011!

San Diego Comic-Con is upon us!

Beginning Wednesday July 20th through Sunday July 24th, hundreds of thousands of people will be descending on the beautiful city of San Diego, CA for comics, movies, television, video games and all the other forms of entertainment that can be crammed in that damn convention center.

The iFanboy crew, as we have for the past 10 years (minus 2003), will be at Comic-Con in full force! And this year there will be a passel of iFanboy staffers on-hand! In addition to Josh, Conor, Ron and Gordon The Intern, staff writers Molly McIsaac, Mike Romo, Ali Colluccio, Ben Simpson and Ryan Haupt will all be in attendance!

We’ll be there shooting for our show, iFanboy, but in addition to that there will be some events and happenings where you can come meet us and hang out. We’ve met a ton of great people in San Diego over the years and we hope to meet all of you this year!


Head over to twitter.com/ifanboy and subscribe to iFanboy’s Twitter feed or to this handy list of everyone from iFanboy @ San Diego, or check here for the latest Twitter posts LIVE from San Diego

If you’re attending the convention, there are a few places you can see us.


Thursday – 7/21
The 6th Annual Comics Podcasting All-Stars – Join the titans of comics media, the comics podcasters, for the 6th annual gathering at the San Diego Comic-Con. Get a front row seat to see some of your favorite comics podcasters discuss everything from the latest in comics industry news to behind-the-scenes stories. Podcasters appearing on the panel include Cameron Hatheway (Cammy’s Comic Corner), John Mayo (The Comic Book Page), Brian “Pants” Christman (Comic Geek Speak), Jimmy Aquino (Comic News Insider), Conor Kilpatrick (iFanboy), John Siuntres (Word Balloon), and Pat Loika (Loikamania!). Room 9



One of the highlights of the San Diego Comic Con is our chance to catch up with the one and only Stan Lee, and we want to give YOU a chance to join us and meet the man, the myth, the legend, Stan Lee! Here’s the details on how YOU can join us when we interview Stan Lee at the San Diego Comic Con:

We’ll be picking TWO Winners for this contest!
One lucky winner, who is also attending the San Diego Comic-Con, will win the opportunity to join us as we interview Stan Lee at the con and get something signed by Stan “The Man” Lee!
If you’re not going to the San Diego Comic Con, don’t despair, we’ll be picking One lucky winner who’s not attending the con to win an awesome batch of exclusive swag signed by Stan Lee! So don’t hesitate to enter even if you’re not going o the con.

This contest is open to EVERYONE, not just iFanboy Members, so if you want your chance to win something rad from iFanboy and Stan Lee, now’s your chance!

Just send an email to contact@ifanboy.com, with the subject line “Meet Stan”  and answer the following questions:

1)Who posted the article on iFanboy entitled “SDCC 2010: Stan Lee Makes Things go BOOM!”?
2)Who at iFanboy conducted the interview with Stan Lee at SDCC 2010?
3)Who at iFanboy conducted the interview with Stan Lee at NYCC 2010?
4)Which episode of iFanboy featured our first Stan Lee interview?

Be sure to include your answers in an email, with the correct subject line, “Meet Stan” and also be sure to let us know if you’re going to be attending the San Diego Comic Con or not, so we can be sure that if you win, you get the right prize!  The deadline for entries wil be July 18th, so be sure to get your entry in quickly! We will pick the 2 winners and announce it here, on Twitter and on the podcast on July 24th.


Hope to see you all in San Diego! Remember to bring water and wear comfortable shoes!

Check out pictures from San Diego Comic-Con 2008 here and here!

Check out pictures from San Diego Comic-Con 2009 here!



  1. . . . someday. (sigh).

  2. I’m seriously thinking of making a trip next year. Man it would be great!

  3. took two hoursand three computers but finally got tickets…… so freakin excited!!

  4. @HailScott  Me too, hopefull I’ll be able to make ECCC next year instead.

  5. had free exhibitor passes and still couldn’t make the timing work. Bummer. =(

    Someday i will go to go to this madness!!!

  6. Look forward to this con after missing last years.