If You Can’t Send ‘Em Home, Send ‘Em Comics!

The time has come. Let’s send a bunch of comics to soldiers stationed overseas. Sound good?

I’ve spoken with Operation Comix Relief and arranged to send him the lot once you send them to us. If you’ve got some books you don’t want, let me know, and I’ll tell you what to do with them.

Since I’m not too keen to put my address on the web, if you’ve got books, send me an email to josh AT ifanboy.com, and let me know how much material you’re thinking of sending, and I’ll let you know where to send it. It could take me a few days or so to get back to you, so please be patient. Also, please put “comics donations” in the subject line, so I can spot them.

Let’s put our old comics to use and make some folks happy.

Thanks in advance everyone.


  1. are you just taking trades or issues also? I have Punisher War Journal 1-26 to send.

  2. I say send trades, comics, paperback novels, whatever. Soldiers have always said war is long bouts of boredom doing nothing punctuated by sudden and extreme violence that comes and goes quick.

    We owe them – if we don’t support the war then we owe them for going through hell while we sort out the politics at home. If we do support the war then we owe them. I say this is one of the best things I’ve heard of, and bless you josh for bringing it to iFanboy.

    Can people just go to Operation Comics Relief and send there?

  3. You could just got to Comix Relief directly, but I wanted to send them something from the iFanboy community. Either way really.

    Issues or trades, or whatever is fine.

  4. Actually, the best way to personalize a donation is to ask Comix Relief for the name of a specific unit for iFanboy to adopt and donate to (for example, such-and-such army hospital, or 33rd Infantry, etc.), which is how Operation Helmet does it. I’m sure if you contacted Comix Relief they could suggest a specific unit, you could post that info here, then anyone donating from iFanboy and mailing to Comix Relief direct could label their donation “From iFanboy to (fill in the blank) unit.” Simple.

    Hope that helps. Great endeavor.

  5. I was thinking, if you wanna “personalize” them, write a note and throw it in the middle of your book/books. I was gonna write a couple half pages and throw em in a few books. Nothing crazy, just an anonymous thanks.

  6. I had that same idea. I was asked how they could know who they went to, and my thought was to slip a note in there, perhaps with your email address, and ask offer to be a pen pal of sorts. That might work.

  7. I didn’t think about that, good idea. I’ll be shipping my book either today or tomorrow. Thanks again, J-Dub.

  8. Hey, if anyone else is planning on sending comics, send them soon, and let me know.

    If you’ve got stuff en route, also give me an update.

    To those who did send stuff already, thanks!

  9. sorry I flaked last week and forgot but I did send them out Priority Mail yesterday so they should get to you tomorrow or thurs – I’m not far away
    tracking 0305 1720 0001 1219 8417

  10. Is that all? I think I’ve got all the books I’m going to get. If not, please let me know soon. Thanks!

  11. Should be there any day now

  12. Update.

  13. Final Update