If America Has Cap, What Do Other Countries Have?

With last Friday’s Marvel movie featuring a hero wrapped (literally and figuratively) in the American flag, it got me thinking of other heroes in the Marvel U who are state-sponsored heroes. The idea of patriotic super-heroes predates Captain America, but he’s become the flag-bearer (pun intended) of patriotic super-heroes – but there’s room for more.

Here’s an incomplete list of countries in the 616 Marvel U and their patriotic heroes. Feel free to tell us more in the comments!

Canada’s Guardian: The U.S.’ neighbor to the north has been the birthplace of a number of heroes in its time, but rising to the top when it comes to patriotic fervor is the leader of Alpha Flight, Guardian. Several people, both male and female, have taken up the two-toned costume borrowing its design from the maple leaf.

The UK’s Captain Britain: Captain Britain holds the distinction of being Britain’s patriotic powerhouse, although he has good company with the likes of Union Jack and Captain Midlands amongst others. Captain Britain received his powers from the magician Merlin of Arthurian myth.


Ireland’s Shamrock: Although the denizens of Ireland might be more apt to associate themselves with the X-Man Banshee, there’s actually another Marvel hero that carries their country’s banner more effectively: Shamrock. The little-known hero first appeared in 1982 event series Contest of Champions, and went on to appear in, well..not much since. She last showed up in Girl Comics #2 where we discovered she’s retired and now a hairdresser. But who knows when her countrymen might need her.


Japan’s Big Hero 6: The Land of the Rising Sun has more than just one hero to call their own – they’ve got a team! Created by Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau in the pages of Alpha Flight years ago, it’s a team of newcomers joined by Marvel classics like Sunfire and the Silver Samurai. Why can’t we see more of these guys?


Russian Federation's The Winter Guard: Russia has a long history of heroes, going back to the Soviet Super-Soldiers, the People’s Protectorate and the Supreme Societs. The Winter Guard are the modern iteration of those teams, featuring long-time Russian heroes the Red Guardian, Crimson Dynamo, Darkstar and Ursa Major.            


Latveria’s Doctor Doom: Although you may not call him a hero, he’s the leader of the European nation of Latveria and their defacto leading hero. I wonder what the tourism is like there.


Saudi Arabia’s Arabian Night: Saudia Arabia has a long history of heroes carrying the name ‘Arabian Night’, and the newest one (appearing in Union Jack #1) wears a more militaristic outfit than the cliché-Middle Eastern garb of his predecessors.


Navajo Nation’s American Eagle: As a member of the Navajo Nation Division of Public Safety, the American Eagle is his country’s representative in the super-hero world. Although he’s been around since the early 80s, his most memorable appearance was in an issue of Warren Ellis’ Thunderbolts run where he fends off the entire team and even cripples Bullseye.


Israel’s Sabra: A long-time member of Israel’s Mossad spy agency, Sabra has teamed up with numerous heroes in her 30 year history in the Marvel U. As one of the few non-U.S. mutants to retain their abilities after M-Day, she has enhanced physical abilities as well as the power to share her life energy with others to help their health and also give them enhanced abilities for a limited time.


China’s People’s Defense Force: Chinese heroes have long been a part of the Marvel U, but the Chinese government recently organized them under the banner of the People’s Defense Force. The large team is comprised of longtime characters like Collective Man and Radioactive Man as well as newcomers (with awesome names) like Most Perfect Hero, Scientific Beast and Lady of Ten Suns.


Wakanda’s Black Panther: Arguably the second most-popular hero of a country after Captain America, the Black Panther acts as ruler and chief warrior to the Wakandan people. With a guy like that in charge, it makes me want to move to Wakanda.

While my comic collection might be large, there’s no doubt I’m missing some heroes – you tell us, what are the other patriotic, flag-wearing heroes in the Marvel U?


  1. Not in the Marvel U, but Canada had its “Captain Canuck” a while ago! 😉

  2. Rocket Red

    All those new International House of Batmen from INC.

    and Captain Nazi. 

  3. i read this too fast…didn’t realize it was Marvel U only. DUH. 

  4. Great article. This guy Arrant, give him a raise or something, his posts are always the best and most informative, by far.

  5. England’s Captain Britain? I take it that he represents Britain in name only and, much like the Tory party, ignores Scotland entirely.

  6. The Phillipines heroes from Invincible Iron Man. Can’t remember what they’re called off the top of my head.

  7. New York’s Captain America?

  8. New York has the Manhattan Guardian from Seven Soldiers

  9. The Guardian has THE BEST costume in all of comics…. There, I said it

  10. Matt Fraction created/introduced the Philippines’ TRIUMPH DIVISION in the pages of IRON MAN

  11. Well let’s see  there’s African Captain America- The Gaucho Captain America- the- wait-
    this isn’t Captain America Inc.?

  12. While the Guardian is nice and all. My vote is for Captain Canuck: http://www.captaincanuck.com/history/history_main.html

  13. Why Guardian and not the whole Alpha Flight team? The team has lasted longer than any one wearer of the Guardian suit.

    Guardian is a great example, though, because he’s one of the best known specimens of Canadian comics creators’ obsession with creating a national superhero in the late 70s and early 80s. Others on this forum have mentioned Richard Comely’s Captain Canuck, who came before Alpha Flight, but there’s also Orb Magazine’s Northern Light and Mark Shainblum’s Northguard. Same basic formula for each of them: Take a guy, dress him up in Maple Leaf spandex, give him generic superpowers and make him a government agent. A Mountie with super-strength.

    If anyone’s interested, there’s a really great section on them and other Canadian heroes in John Bell’s Invaders from the North: How Canada Conquered the Comic Book Universe (2006). Lots more information here, too: http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/comics/027002-8000-e.html

  14. @charlesp1138 @KillTheG1mp I guess you guys must be really stoked for the Captain Canuck movie they’re working on, then. http://www.comicbookdaily.com/wp/daily_news/captain-canuck-movie/

  15. Texas needs a superhero..don’t mess with.

    Could you make an argument for Namor and Atlantis? 

  16. You know I haven’t seen Red Guardian’s new costume. Looks way spiffy.

  17. Does Scotland have anybody? If not, we’ll just have to wait for Miracle Park.

  18. @wallythegreenmonster  If Doom and Black Panther make the list, it stands to reason Namor should too. 

  19. I love the Guardian’s costume.

  20. This guy outranks Captain America and he’s just as much of a character.  http://img.xcitefun.net/users/2011/02/231825,xcitefun-colonel-gaddafi-1.jpg

  21. There isn’t a single reason why Red Guardian’s costume should be Red White and Blue.
    No Russian would even design that.  Cold war or no cold war.

  22. @RapidEyeMovement  Wolfsbane is from Scotland.  Black Bolt of the Inhumans.  I guess he counts if Doom and Namor count.

  23. doesn’t canada have wolverine?

  24. Irelands shamrock? Ireland’s f’in shamrock? You sir are a jerk

  25. That brings up a good point, should the hero’s nationality count if they just spend all their time fighting crime in States? That takes Wolvie out of the running for Canada and Black Panther out for Wakanda

  26. Well Canuck isn’t Marvel U but he;s cool.

    I’ve always felt DCU was lacking in Canadian characters.

  27. @kingdomofevan  Well not really… I consider myself a Quebeccer before being a Canadian, therefore I have no patriotism for anything Canadian related hehe.

    But I still find it cool that they’re trying to make it. I had an issue of Captain Canuck (in french!) as a kid and I just remembered that when I saw this topic.

    Not really comics-related but there’s a webTV series called “Heroes of the North” which you can watch freely online, Canadian superheroes. Interesting and there’s a Quebeccer heroine called Fleur-de-lys! 🙂

  28. shamrock!?

    I’m mildly offended at the existence of this character 

  29. @ericmci isn’t the Russian Federation’s flag red white and blue? 

  30. Symkaria has Silver Sable and the Silver Pack!

    Genosha has the mutates. Are they still around?

    Transylvania has Dracula.


  31. The Triumph Division from the Philippines!!

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    Spain = El Águila
    Puerto Rico = White Tiger 

  33. If Latveria is there, it seems like Madripoor should be there too – isnt Tyger Tiger their rep? 

  34. As others have noted Captain Britain represents ‘Britain’ rather than just ‘England’. Britain in ths case at least encompassing England, Scotland and Wales. Alnmost certainly Northern Ireland too. But not the Eire (The Republic of Ireland). Although, if serious shit went down in Dublin I seriously doubt he wouldn’t cross over to help. 🙂

    France also has heroes. Le Peregrine. And Les Heroes de Paris.

    Mohannda, Wakanda’s neighbor to the North, has Afrikaa – who debuted in the pages of Black Axe, in the 90s.

    And I don’t know if you’d call him a Hero exactly, but Mbangawi also has a champion in the form of Joshua N’Dingi. Better known as Doctor Crocodile – principly a Captain Britain character, but who also appeared in Warren Ellis’ Astonishing X-Men.

    There’s also S.H.E. – The Super Heroes of Europe. Granted we haven’t really seen them since Civil War, but we assume they’re still active.

    But I think the most interesting thing about ALL of these teams and characters is just how few of them have appeared in a big Global Event like Fear Itself…

    I mean Iron Man was fighting n Paris, but the very Heroes who protect that city never showed. Most likely because somebody forgot they existed…

  35. shamrock is an affront to me and my people……….it’s fucking sad that shes the best we have

  36. ugh jesus even in that image I imagine shamrock saying “poor,poor ireland” in that acceptably racist voice……but at least now ireland is getting its own back with leauge of volunters great book by the way

  37. @conallgil  Banshee?

  38. Japan also has Super Young Team

  39. @josh but banshee again is most times writtten in the acceptably racist tone I mean if ireland was electing a mutant poster boy banshee would be it but on the super hero side of things we just keep getting fucked over

    I mainly chock it up to a lack of mainstream irish writers and I know people will throw out garth ennis but there is most definately an untapped wealth of talent here that just isn’t getting noticed or 2000 ad will just snag ’em with contracts before they can broaden their audeinces

    also I realise that alot of the great irish artists are falling victim to the same circumstances

  40. gateway from australia, sunspot from brazil, but they do not wear their native flags. not many heroes sporting their flags as a uniform. i think excalibur had alternate earth flag wearing heroes from a few nations.