‘Identity Crisis’: Back In the News

The summer’s event from DC made the AP Wire this morning. Mainly in a short interview with current DC editor Dan DiDio, the article discusses how Identity Crisis is a tragedy reaching all characters in the DC universe. The article also explores the fan and professional fallout, discussing how the controversial book has divided fans and left creators wondering.

This is just pure fluff publicity to keep the book’s momentum after issue #1. The fans are divided? Sure, but find me an event that they’re not divided over. Remember Zero Hour? As far as the creators, I highly doubt any book, much less Identity Crisis, will keep any writers or artists from working for DC. They need to eat too.

My favorite excerpt:

Some comics fans are livid over the story. Morales said he has heard rumors about editors punching walls after reading the “Identity Crisis” script and other writers and artists who have threatened never to work with DC again, although few have come out publicly. 

In what world would an editor punch a wall over a script; or would creators actually not work for DC because of it? Come on.

All in all, I’ve enjoyed Identity Crisis, the story has been really well scripted and the twists and turns have been gut wrenching, but dramatic. Now, I’m not a DC guy, so if they did this with my precious X-Men, I might be punching walls too… but I doubt it.


  1. I dunno… I’d say this is way more controversial than ZERO HOUR was. I’ve seen some genuine fanboy outrage. Just read Randy Lander’s review everytime an issue comes out. He’s so mad it’s comical. Thena again, we didn’t have endless internet message boards back then for people to rant and rave about comics so who knows?

    The “punching the wall” story sounds too outlandish to me.

    I’m a big fan of IDENTITY CRISIS, I’m glad to see some more realism injected into the DCU.

  2. So the fourth issue is out… any theories?

  3. I think Robin’s dad is gonna eat it

  4. Why?

  5. Well, of ALL the heroes in the DCU, they keep going back and showing Robin and his Dad. And it was just too cheesy how he called in sick to Batman so he could spend time with his Dad…it’s almost predictable that he’s got a target on his back.

    Either that, or he’s the killer??? 😉

  6. Could be… I’d just be shocked that they would do that to the character (Robin). With a major Bat-crossover happening right now, it would be hard to deal with the ramifications of such an event.

    So far, the attacks have been on the family members of second tier characters who don’t have their own books.

  7. they gotta raise the stakes sooner or later.

  8. Well, they did at the end of this issue…

  9. eh, I don’t believe that either
    I think Lois is a red herring meant to throw Supes off the case.

    I bet its a decoy when the killer takes someone else out

    I’m fairly certain the Calculator is a major player in this – but how those Assassins and Capt. Boomerang play into it, is beyond me

  10. Brad Meltzer has really set himself up here, he has built up such a great setup, the payoff better be good. 🙂