“I stole 6,000 to 7,000 comic books.”

An unemployed man in Japan has admitted to stealing and reselling comic books worth more then 3 million yen to finance his daily life.

Currently, 1 Japanese yen = 0.008645284 U.S. dollars, so it works out to about $25,935.60.
Currently, 1 Japanese yen = 0.00457277266 British pounds, so it works out to £13,718.10.

That’s a lotta comic stealin’.

It just goes to show that the comic book culture is so much more healthy and vibrant in Japan than it is in the West. I’d have trouble financing myself for a week if I tried to do it on purloined comic books being resold at 1/5 of their price.

Beer and pizza are expensive. And strippers.


  1. Stan Lee financed his love of strippers through comics. Anybody remember Stripperella?