“I knew iFanboy before they got so big.” (UPDATED)

Imagine my joy when I saw this article featuring the thoughts and speculations of our own Ron Richards on the upcoming X-Men: The Last Stand. And oddly enough, the article didn’t make him sound like a half-wit, as these kinds of pieces often do.

It’s a lot of fun to see stuff like this, so thanks to everyone hanging around here who make it fun and rewarding to do this website and podcast.

UPDATE! Check out the snazzy version, complete with pictures, here! Just click on “X-Fan”.

Ron’s jumped way ahead of me in the battle of the ego now, by the way.


  1. Congrats Ron and a great article for the site too! This really is a great site to come to as a fanboy and your podcasts are the only ones that I make sure I listen to every single week. I usually listen immediately after I download them.

  2. CONGRATS on the awesome press, Ron! Keep rockin’ it fanboy style. 🙂

  3. Dave, that’s awesome to hear, and even if you were the only one who said it, we’d keep doing it. Thanks.

    Scott, very cool of you to stop by and offer the kind words. You keep bringing on the interesting guests!

  4. Soon you people will be like Metallica or Good Charlotte and I will no longer own you.

    Spread your wings and fly

  5. Congrats Ron! You’ve come so far, and I can prouldy say, I’ve known iFanboy before they got big!

    And I’m also like Dave. I walk home everyday from school, and the iFanboy podcast is probably the only thing that helps me get through the damn 2 1/2 mile or so walk.

    Bravo, guys. Here’s to the everlasting growth of iFanboy!!

  6. Here’s to the everlasting growth of iFanboy!!

    Is he saying we’re getting fat? I can read between the lines buddy!To the dude!

    And make no mistake, the Dude does in fact own us. Honestly, you have no idea how much he had to do with the continued existence of this site.

  7. Well, if you would stop consuming so much “CONTENT”, you wouldn’t need to go up a few pants sizes

  8. grats on the great press guys! i too have dabbled in many podcasts, but only my enduring love for ifanboy has endured. now get over here and give me a big smooch.

    no? okay. that’s probably for the best.