I got nothing so here’s a monkey washing a cat

Everything is dead this week. There’s no news to talk about. Nothing’s going on until we all get our comics. So until then, here’s a monkey washing a cat:

That monkey washed that cat good.


  1. that music gets me every time, no matter the visual

  2. Man, if I had a monkey to wash me… actually, I would prevent it from doing so. Chimps are strong enough to rip just about anything off.

    Superman II: the Richard Donner Cut is on its way to me now via Netflix, actually. No Superman fan I, but I’m pretty excited about this one as both a film buff and childhood nostalgia addict.

  3. Yeh, I should go pick that RD Cut up some day, I wouldn’t m ind knowing what they changed about it

  4. Whats different about the RD cut? Is it worth it?

  5. I hear that. Such a long stupid week
    there are always things like this though


  6. I like those Fred.

    I have been off most of this week and my son and I have been paying marvel ultimate alliance and justice league heroes. They are really good. We’ve spent more time on the Marvel game and I like the way the stories follow the comics story lines. It’s pretty fun. Both games seem to have the same basic image but I think the DC game has better graphics.

    I should be working out in stead of playing these games. I’m going to the Navy’s dive school next week where I’m going to get PT’ed to death for 6 months. When I finish I’ll either be in the hospital or Captain America………

  7. hopefully not liefeld’s cap

    good luck

  8. Newsarama just posted all of Nightly News #1