I don’t know about that, Kurtz…

I went over for my daily look at PvP today, and saw that he’s put up what is advertised as a short animation of PvP characters. In his words, you should prepare to “have your socks knocked off.”

In short, my socks are still firmly in place.

And in comparison to what Tim Buckley is doing with his animated Ctrl-Alt-Del version, it just seems like a bad move on Kurtz’s part.

I only bring this up, because I believe it’s common knowledge that Scott Kurtz thinks that Buckley’s work is somewhat of a knockoff of his work, and he’s badmouthed a couple times in the past for being a bit of a hack. Now a month ago, Buckley announced his upcoming animation project, and it looked pretty professional. Now Kurtz has this short, and it’s well short of the professional quality that I think Kurtz would want to show. What I mean is, if I were Kurtz, I’d want to protect my characters, who are his property and livelihood from being seen as anything less than they are, and I think this short he’s put up doesn’t do justice to his prior work.


  1. Okay, boy, that was lame. It was shot in lameovision.

    *eye roll*

    Obviously, I don’t get the “inside joke” of the PVP joke.

    And why is it necessary for these things to switch mediums anyway? What’s wrong with doing a perfectly excellent comic strip? Watterson never felt the urge to animate Calvin and Hobbes – and IMO, it was when Elfquest was in the movie animation process that the comic book suffered most.

    Of course, I’m the type of person that won’t watch Everyone Loves Raymond because I’m pissed that Ray Ramano won’t be doing as much stand up because of it.

  2. It was so lame, and when you do something like that, you water down the the product, which is something I’m sure Kurtz doesn’t want to do.

    And there are myriad reasons not to watch Everybody Loves Raymond. And you know what? Everybody doesn’t.

  3. RAYMOND was funny.

  4. Okay, I watched the “animation”.


  5. More thoughts: Did it seem like this was conceived/recorded by drunk people?

    It did to me.

  6. That’s exactly what I thought. And this is the reason I think it’s unprofessional. It doesn’t seem very funny, but since they were laughing when they recorded it, they think it’s funny, but it is NOT.

  7. Oh, god, it’s not.

  8. They’ve posted a new episode.


    The animation is 100x better, but I still don’t get the point.

    Somehow Kirkman is involved in this.

  9. Now there’s a 3rd, and it’s clearly the kind of thing that if you’re going to do, you shouldn’t publish it on the web. Tasteless even.


  10. Stop looking at them. Stop giving them hits. And hopefully, they’ll stop being made.

  11. Also, it will help with your mental well-being to stop subjecting yourself to that innanity.

  12. It’s like watching something you like, and they do this:


  13. I thought you liked those action figures…

  14. I’m with Ron – I’m confused. Last night, *I* said I hated those figures and you and Ron defended them…

  15. I only defended them from a business standpoint, in that, you KNOW they’ll sell. But that is what star wars is now. It’s not what we grew up and fell in love with.

  16. Star Wars has been about business and selling merch since ESB.

    It just so happened that commerce collided with a classic story, but to deny that the commerce hasn’t been there since nearly the beginning is foolish.

  17. You’re having an argument with me that I’m not intending to have. I don’t disagree with you at all. Just move on. Nothing to see here. Go about your business.

  18. All I’m saying is that what Star Wars is now is what Star Wars has been since after the first one made so much money.