Huzzah! 10 Years of Augie!

The iFanboy faithful know how fond we are of Comic Book Resources very own Augie DeBlieck, Jr. Well, we’d like to take a moment and congratulate Augie on 10 years of doing the “Pipeline Commentary and Review.” 10 years. Wow. You can read Augie’s musings over the past 10 years at his column today.

In 10 years, he never missed a column, making him the Lou Gehrig of comics journalism. Congrats Augie!

Seriously, that’s 522 weeks straight. Imagine that. In this week’s column Augie pulls back the curtain a little and lets you into the world of a man who writes about comics week in and week out and what that experience has been like.


  1. Congrats to Augie! I never would have found the Pipeline Podcast if it weren’t for the Crossover with Ifanboy. I look forward to the Previews cast every month now.

  2. Much props and congratulations to Augie. That’s a heck of stint, and he does do such great work for CBR. Here’s to ten more years.

  3. Conratulations Augie. A decade already. Thats quite an achievment. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks, guys! And thanks to the iFanboy guys, too — I still get e-mails from new readers who found me first from my one brilliant outing as a Fourth iFanboy. =)

    Now, I just need some more sleep.

  5. It must be getting near time for you to make another appearance…

    Congrats for all that sticktoitiveness.

    Also, I’ll take the moment to thank Augie for the stuff he’s done to help us over the past year or so. He’s a great guy. Cheers.

  6. Ten years? Wow. That is flipping awesome. Congrats and here it to another ten years.