Human Target – S02E01 – Ilsa Pucci

And we're back! After an initial move to Friday that was scuttled when Lonestar blew up in the starting gate which started the dominoes a-fallin' that ended with Human Target moving back to its original night — Wednesday. Whew, that was complex. But now it's up against Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! in the battle for the comic book reader's television hearts and minds.

What's in store for season two? Hopefully more female viewers, Fox hopes. That's why we've got a new main character, the impossibly named Ilsa Pucci, played by the wonderful Indira Varma, as Chance and co's super rich widow benefactor.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Yay!

    Can’t wait to start watching this again. Such a fun show.

  2. This show is so much fun. It feels like it should be on USA.

  3. Also, Guerrero is awesome.

  4. Love this show.  The resolution from the finale felt like a rush job, a fumbled one at that.  Did something happen with scheduling or casting or whatever else would lead to that?

  5. Just finished. That was a really fun episode!

    And it looks like they’re adding the thief to the team also, so that’s two female characters. I guess they’re hoping that the cost of two new regular cast members will be off-set by an increase in female viewers and thus advertising dollars. We’ll see.

  6. Wish my TV wasn’t broke so I could watch this with you fellas. Love this show. Can’t wait to watch the episode on Hulu later.

  7. I thought the episode was a bit *meh* but i’m gonna go ahead and view it as a "clearing the decks" episode so they can start brand new with 2 hot chicks and not have to worry too much about the past. Can’t wait for next week!!!

  8. "Wait a minute, you’re Guerrero ?"


    Awesome 🙂


  9. Indeed my favorite comic based show besides The Walking Dead.  There’s plenty of violence.  Kind of reminds me of the A-Team what with the amount of shooting and all…but nobody ever got killed on the A-Team.  This one pushes the limit but doesn’t go over the line, which would invariably turn some people off, but not me. Bravo!

  10. Good Episode, Guerrero,is great , this show has some great chemistry and a even blend of action and story line, and you got to love the addition of a hot ass thief

  11. I’m loving this show too.  Checked it out last night.  I was leery about the two new characters, but I think they worked well.  

  12. Loved this episode!  too bad about the terrible ratings I hope they pick up before it’s renewal time.