How Was Free Comic Book Day?

As I previously admitted in the Pick of the Week discussion thread, I completely forgot about Free Comic Book Day this past Saturday, May 6.

Did anyone go? Did you get anything good? Were there new customers in the shops? Is this thing on? I will be going to my store tomorrow to see if there are any leftover copies of the X-Men/Runaways.


  1. The “Free Comic Books” in question:

    Gold Sponsors

    Archie Comics 65th Anniversary Bash
    Free Comic Book Day Bongo Comics Free- For -All!
    Star Wars/Conan Flip-Book
    Justice League Unlimited # 1
    GI Joe Sigma 6 #1
    Disney Comics Presents: Donald Duck
    The Transformers/Beast Wars Special
    Future Shock
    Tokyopop Sneak

    Silver Sponsors

    The Preposterous Voyages of Ironhide Tom!
    Arcana Studio Presents # 3
    Worlds of Aspen # 1
    Jack the Latern 1942
    Soulsearchers & Company / Deadbeats Flip Book
    Comic Genesis: Generations 2006
    Mr. Jean
    Funny Book # 2
    Impact University Volume 2
    Liberty Girl # 0
    Keenspot Spotlight 2006
    Bluff & Tales from a Forgotten Planet
    Free Scott Pilgrim
    Owly: Breakin

  2. My comic shop just stopped doing it this year. fuckin shit.

  3. Did they say why?

  4. My local shop, Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find in Charlotte, NC does a great job with FCBD ( but I ended up having a trip to go out to Myrtle Beach for the weekend. Looked up a shop in the area so I could still get my free books. Got there on Saturday and the sole employee shows up 15 minutes late. Wander around inside looking for the free books and find out they’re not doing it. Luckily I made it to Heroes and got most of everything they offered yesterday afternoon. I did find out from an employee there that FCBD isn’t as “free” as it sounds. The shops pay for the books, anywhere from $0.10 – $0.23. So, it’s very feasible for smaller shops not to have the expendable funds for FCBD.

    I haven’t read any of my free books yet, hopefully soon!

  5. Apparently they have to pay about 10 cents a copy. That’s what they told me there.

  6. I enjoyed the X-men/Runaways, but the art was a bit to Looney Toons, I half expected Bugs Bunny to pop up in the midst of the fight, good read though.

  7. Man. Free Comic Book Day.

    Ever since I was little, my grandma practically FORCED me to go to the local store, and I grabbed a bunch of Spider-Man or whatever else was on the table. It was always a great day, and this year wasn’t a dissapointment.

    I went in intially for myself, to get X-men/Runaways and a free Wolverine Hero Clix. I ended up bringing along my sister as an added bonus for her birthday party. So as we stroll in, I grab my books and let her look around for a little bit (She picked up X-men/Runaways, and read everything in it, front to back). As I walked around, the thing that stuck out in my mind the most, was this (Ron’s probably gonna get a spark of hope from this): I was walking past the ‘new’ single issues rack, and saw a little kid and his probably 15-16 year old brother looking at books. He saw the cover of one of my favorite books, Cable and Deadpool, and he was jumping for joy at what was on the covers.
    “OH LOOK, HERE’S WHEN HE WAS YOUNGER (In reference to the story arc where Cable was retreived in the House of M universe as an infant because he died….go pick up the trade :x)

    Considering it all in all, I have to say, seeing a Stormtrooper asking little kids if they’d like a free book and having them happily accept gives a small hope for the comic book industry.

  8. I work in a small comic book store in the UK, and we took part in FCBD. Yeah, we had to pay quite a hefty sum for the ‘free’ books, but because of it we made about 5x more than we normally do on a Saturday, and also had a few customers set up new standing orders. So it was worth it, financially at least.

    The actual comics themselves were, on the whole, pretty lame. You’d think Marvel and DC would put more effort into promoting themselves in FCBD, its a great way of sucking in new readers. I’d have thought this would be an ideal time for Marvel and DC to reprint some old #1s of certain series to get people hooked.

    This was also pretty good timing for Civil War, as ron said it seems to have been partially aimed at casual readers, and a lot of them were picking up this book on FCBD that otherwise might not have.

    Whatever the case, it was a great atmosphere in the store, Dan our standing order guy dressed up as Batman (he looked ridiculous) and went up and down the High Street handing out flyers. Fun for all, at the expense of Dan.

  9. Free comic book day was a whole lot of fun here in St. Louis. The store I went to had local artists signing there books and a 10% off sale. I have to say the Free Scott Pilgrim was the best book that I got on Sat.

  10. I’m hearing a lot about Free Scott Pilgrim. What’s it about?

  11. Dude.

    I love Scott Pilgrim.

    Basically, the premise is this. There’s a 20-something year old guy named Scott Pilgrim. Average joe, in a band, all that. He begins going out with this girl, who in order for him to date her, he has to fight her 7 evil boyfriends.

    I think i’ve posted about this somewhere on the site before, and I highly reccomend it. It’s a zany little book with only 2 volumes currently (It’s in manga format), but it’s still a fun read.

  12. I have to admit, I got and loved the free Owly book. I will end up getting those books, one day.

    I have Scott Pilgrim on order from Amazon. Glad to hear the good review. They’re sending all 3 at the end of the month when the new one comes in. I’m pretty excited.

  13. Really good point Chris. It’s interesting to hear that perspective. I think a lot of comic shop owners tend to be short sighted, and get bitter that it’s called Free Comic Book Day, and yet they have to pay. But smart shop owners will see that there’s a huge machine of marketing they’re getting for free which drives people into their stores, and it’s clearly worth the investment.

    I, myself, missed FCBD, cuz I was out of town. Oh well. I’ve got enough to read anyway.

  14. You know, I love free comic book day. It should be a national holiday! But to echo what Chris Morley wrote: Can the majors give us something more than recent reprint junk? For example, if DC is going to hook me on ’52’ (a glorified JLA arc which should be told in a monthly JLA book, but that’s another story), why not give the first issue away? A free ’52’ #1 might have steered me to #2, or at the very least rewarded a longtime customer. They’ve recently done Superman and Batman stunts where they’ve charged 10 and 12 cents for an opening chapter…so it’s not like they haven’t experimented with the idea before. Just a thought.

  15. Free Comic Book Day. How many years did I miss it?? Too too too many. It was either jail, rehabs.. or the reasons I ended up going to those places. Just like all the times I missed way to many Wilco shows.

    But this year.. I made it. I was a bit disappointed to actually not pick up the free comics on free comics day. They were in my pull list bag like a week or more early. And the only one I actually gave a second thought to was the Conan/Star Wars Flip Book…

    Come on.. Its Tim Truman.

    Oh.. and the JLU. So with that.. I will be posting more.

  16. Hey. I’m new here. Here’s what I picked up on FCBD:

    Bongo Comics Free-For-All! – Dunno why. I was curious about the Bongo house style and loved Futurama and the Simpsons (back when it was funny…remember those days). Plus, it was free. Pretty dreadful stuff, actually. It was written, I assume, by the type of people who think they’re quite clever and keep elbowing you in the ribs and winking after each punch line.

    Future Shock – From Image. Snippets from upcoming issues of Fear Agent, G�dland (which is why I picked it up…That book totally owns me), Invincible (which I really need to get around to reading), Noble Causes (makes my head hurt), Savage Dragon (featuring a blatant rip-off of the Super-Skrull) and, uh, Witchblade (no inerest whatsoever). An interesting idea on paper, but the inclusion of only a few out-of-context pages left me confused and didn’t whet my appetite at all.

    X-Men/Runaways – Skottie Young’s art bugs. I have no problem with “cartoony,” or “kinetic,” art (hell, I love Sharknife to little bitty bits) but to use it well, it has to be used in a proper context, and maybe it’s just me, but the X-men just don’t seem to fit that style of art. Also, the whole “they meet misunderstand each other and fight and then come to a truce,” thing is REALLY played out, especially in Runaways. I dropped this title back at the beginning of teh second series and, well, this didn’t make me want to come back, unfortunatley.

    The Preposterous Voyages of Ironhide Tom! – Far and away the best thing to come out of FCBD-06. Joel Priddy’s brillaint “Onion Jack” strip from the Superior Sampler stole the FCBD-05 show. After thoroughly enjoying that clever dissection of, and love note to, the superhero genre, I honestly would have paid good money for this, the unlikely tales of the child of a “scurvy sailor” and a, uh, typhoon, as he ammasees and loses fortunes and, basically, has a bunch of adventures that straddle the line between myth and ridiculousness. Pure gold.

    Free Scott Pilgrim – I [heart] Scott Pilgrim. Seriously, this is one of the best little OGN series out there – a hybrid relationship comic/arcade game that reads a lot better than it sounds. It’s a ton of fun. This was a funny little taste of his universe, but admittedly, it’s a bit lightweight. Creator Brial Lee O’Malley’s website,, says vol. 3 is at the printers and should be in your LCS on May 24th, so that’s good news. After devouring the first two volumes (vol. one: Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life and vol. two: Scott Pilgrim Versus the World), I’ve been waiting (not so) patiently for this one: Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness. Smashing Pumpkins reference? I am so there. If you love Nintendo, love and/or rock&roll, check this out – stat.

    Owly: Breakin� the Ice – Man, I so want to like Owly, but it’s just a bit too cutesy for me. Still, for kids, it’s a decent gateway comic (“get ’em while they’re young…”) and I admire his use of visuals rather than text to convey the story.

    Anyway, long first post, but there you go. – rdt

  17. I think I need to buy Scott Pilgrim.

  18. I’d heartily recommend it. You can pick up the frst two volumes for (checking…) under $10 at Amazon or they retail for $11.95.